– Blog No. 7

…And we’re straight into today with Abba & “I Have A Dream”; GEAR CHANGE & DISCO ALERT with Mike & Brenda Sutton &, “Anyway You Want My Love” (Extended Mix, of course!) & SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER, Cha Cha Cha; Another GEAR CHANGE & John Moray with “Long Lankin”, Folk is in the House; Another GEAR CHANGE & into Mother’s Finest singing “Love Changes”, a great song originally written by Skip Scarabrough, who was behind a lot of stuff by Earth Wind & Fire with Maurice White, &, also some of the great early 80’s classics by Luther Vandross & Marcus Millar; Next, Chet Baker with “There Will Be Another You” – What a voice & what a Trumpeter – Forgive while I Bop around the Chez Kitchen…; I was watching a Documentary the other night counting down the Top 20 Bee Gees songs – “Immortality”, Celine Dion came in the top five – Well today we have Celine singing in her native French which for me seems to lift the power and emotion past 11& she is singing one of her best songs, to boot, “Le Blues Du Businessman” – I think the original was by a French Chap called Claude Dubois, but that although equally great is totally different and auccoustic guitar led – Anyway listen to Celine’s version sometime and if you were ever sitting on the deck about her following the Titanic hit, you won’t be anymore and will be seeking out everything she’s ever done in French, which is a bloody lot!; Next Fabby Fabby & back into Jazz Funk territory with some late 70’s George Duke, “I want you for myself” – So quick, down to Canvey Island all aboard the Ford Escort Mk 2 with Sharon & Mark on the Windscreen – What happened when Sharon learned to drive though? FLUFFY DICE FOREVER! And I danced the full 6mins 38secs to that, Brilliant, but not a pretty sight! And finally, “Wave” again, but this time a great Sax driven full on Bossa Version by Stanley Turrentine – different from Antonio Carlos Jobim’s take, but a belter all the same. Again, that’s all for today – So, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle, till next time!

Advertisements – Blog No. 6

First up today is, “Line of Division” – The Natives, we’ve had these before, excellent Japanese Jazz Funk; Next up, “Centrefold” – J Geils Band – a great song; And now a Lady with a fantastic, gritty soul voice, Ty Karim & singing, “Ain’t that love enough” – perfect old school Southern Soul; GEAR CHANGE, “Whole Lotta Love”,but not Led Zepplin, oh no, it’s Bebo Best & it’s rather catchy in a Ballearics Break Beats kind of way; Now just like the proverbial bus, you don’t see one for ages then two come along in concurrent Blogs – Yep it’s the Beatles again, this time with “Because” off Abbey Road; “Stoned Love” The Supremes next, enough said! Young HOLT Unlimited follow with theirJazzer take on, “Where is the Love”; At last our first Dylan track, “Temporary like Achilles”, from Blonde On Blonde if my memory serves me right; Esther Phillips is back with a very catchy take on a Billy Paul number, “We’ve got a Good Thing Going”, got a great Lover’s Rock version of this as well stored away – as I’ve said already, I so like Ether’s voice & delivery and this is a swinging interpretation; GEAR CHANGE – Little Angels and an Axe meets Sax classic Wig Out on “All Roads Lead to You”; And finally today another GEAR CHANGE and Jack Jones is singing “From Russia with Love” – I’m hoping we’ll be hearing Matt Munro’s definitive version soon, it will be well worth the waits and until next time – You Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle! – Blog No. 5

I hope you are now getting the live Twitter feeds to the Blog and you can also catch it on my Facebook Page. I do need to pay more attention to the typos which have crept in though, which means being more careful when posting using an IPad balanced on my left knee. Anyway, what’s first on Shuffle today? – Roman Andren & “Always on the run (to love you)” – A great song which puts me in the mind of stuff done by Todd Rundgren & Boz Scaggs (who both used to be in a San Fransico Bay Area band with Steve Miller way back when) & also Felix Cavaliere (also of the Young Rascals), who amongst other things  wrote “How can I be sure?” (covered by both David Cassidy and Dusty Springfield & a couple of French dudes as well). Next, “Freedom for the Satllion”, Three Dog Night – I’m pretty sure Limmie & The Family Cooking did a cracking soul cover of this as well, but to date I’ve been unable to track it down. Now, at last, the first showing from The Beatles &, “I feel fine” – great humming bass note intro; Kendel Carson, “Ribbons & Bows” – A great cover shot of Ms Carson on the CD & I a have a few more good ones from her which will come up along the way, I’m sure; Gear change & into Michael Jackson, “Rock with you” – If you’re not dancing by the first few bars in, you’ll be definitely Four-to-the-floor& trying to Moonwalk to boot, by the end; gear change again and Northern Soul alert – The Dells with “Wear it on your face” – one of the greatest soul vocal groups ever – The lead singer John Carter, along with Eugene Record (Church) of the Chi Lites & Teddy Pendergrass are the Business; Next an Unknown Artist (We get this some times at the more obscure reaches of old soul) with a corker of a song, “I bet you can’t guess”; A further gear change with the Rippingtons & “Sainte Maxime (Feat. Russ Freeman)” – And now a wig-out with “Cuddly Toy”, Roachford, which so reminds me of Judy R who I used to share a flat with in Luton; Then moving back Brazil way, here’s Caetano Veloso & Maria Gadu’, “Bela Flor” – I got into Caetano through the Pedro Amaldavor film “Talk to her” – & finally today, Cesaria Evora with “Novia de ceu”. Once again an interesting an eclectic journey – until the next time, You Keep the Faith, &, I’ll Keep it on Shuffle! – Blog No. 4

First track today is “Wave”, Antonio Carlos Jobim – he also wrote it & it’s so Brazil & on the Beach – it actually reminds me of Harry’s Bar in Edinburgh’s West End on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon, where they used to have live Jazz, but there you go; “Got to Love Somebody Today”, Sister Sledge – & they were Sisters… SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER! Next up is “Dignity”, Deacon Blue – I’ve lived in Scotland long enough now to appreciate the “Blue” – it’s actually a bloody good song though and I liked it well before I move North – trara rup tup day; “My Little Red Book”, Cal Tjader – now Manfred Mann, The Love et all, did great versions as well, Cal swings, &, he’s Brazilian too (I think?) – I love Burt Baccarach (more about that another Blog) & I also love the film, “What’s New Pussycat”, which is where this tune comes from… watch it, Peter O’Toole & Peter Sellars riffing off each other, a cameo from Richard Burton, Woody Allen popping in and out, &, not to mention Ursual Andress & that Parachute – it’s the only way to travel! “The Old Fashioned Way”, Charles Aznavour – another great French (Armenian) singer & also writer of some great songs too – the entire Charles A live at the Paris Olympia is in the mix somewhere; Another gear change &, “I Wanna See You Soon”, Tavares with Freda Payne – A Band of Gold (forgive the Pun!) – Tavares were also Brothers and great singers, they so much remind me of the film “Saturday Night Fever”, &, in fact 1978, full stop!! Here’s another gear change, &, “Hardtime Blues”, Eric Clapton; & finally, “Never Let Her Slip Away”, Andrew Gold.  Well, no Dylan yet? No Beatles? No Stones? But I think it’s getting rather interesting & who know’s what’s coming next – Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle!

Keep It On Shuffle!

I now have over 10,700 tracks loaded onto my iPlayer. Each carefully chosen. That’s over 31.4 Days of pure listening pleasure & we’re never going to hear a dud, are we?

So, let’s press Shuffle and see whether today’s journey will strike a chord with “Whatever’s In My Head”.

Of course, the journey’s not just about the music, but the order in which the tracks play, &, just like Proust’s “Madelienes”, it’s the memories and the remembrances they inspire.

As an adjunct then to whatever else you may do, I hope this will inspire you to go and search out and listen to today’s tracks when I list them in the order they play as part of a daily blog. Do so in the same order because that is where the real surprise and the real delight will be – right there in that change between one type of music, mood & tempo and another. Go with the flow and let that track that comes right out of left field catch you and put you right back in a moment when… !

Happy travelling on your “Whatever’s In My Head” journey & remember, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle! – Blog 3

We’re now on WordPress & Blogging as “keepitonshuffle”. We’ll also be connecting up with Facebook and Twitter along the way, so let’s see what’s be playing on Shuffle today: “Imperfect”, The Natives – Japanese Jazz Funk; “Love Hangover”, Diana Ross – Now Niles Edwards of Chic produced, but is he also playing the Bass on this?; “Indestructible”, Robyn – Acuostic Version, of course; “Say A Prayer for Two”, Crown Heights Affair, 12″ Remix of course & Sisco, so SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER!; Ok, here comes a gear change and into “Five Hundred Miles”, Reba McEntire – Twang, Twang; & Disco Alert again, Cha Cha Cha – “When Life Was Just A Game”, Claudja Barry – SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER, Again!; “Time”, Light of The World, Remix – a Little London Boys Soul…; Nice Switch into, “Rue Saint-Denis”, Claude Nougaro – Great Street in Paris & a Great French Singer, I love this Guy’s Voice & Sense of the Dramatic, listen out for hime singing “Bordeux” – maybe we’ll hear it soon on Shuffle; “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, 11+Minutes of a Tom Moulton Remix, no less, &,Teddy P’s Growling his Heart Out!; a little New Soul now with “Ole Time Love”, Victor Haynes; &, finally “Romeo, Where’s Juliet”, Collage, 1980’s Drum Machine stylee! Remember to Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle – Till next time!