– Blog 51 or Is This All There Was?

No, No, No – Yes, Yes, Yes – Who Knows, Who Cares?? We do Coz we Love The Music – The Grooves – The Tunes that Shape Our Lives, &, Mr Shuffle is Banging at the Gate and I know he is Just going to hit us Today with some Marvelous Stuff – Well, I’m Truly Amazed because first out of the Stables is Mr Glen Campbell & his Classic Version of, “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” – Ride ’em Cowboy!; Next & Slam Dunk We’re into The Funk with Melba Moore giving it Large with that Great Voice of Hers on a Classic Disco Track, “Love’s Comin At Ya”; We quickly move into the Golden Age of Northern Soul now – There’s No messing with Le Monkey & Lou Edwards & Today gives us a rousing version of, “Talkin ’bout Poor Folks, Thinkin ’bout My Folks” – I’m Dancing Yet Again & That’ll come as No Surprise to the Regulars!; And here’s today’s first Curve Ball, but nonetheless completely & utterly inspired – I want You All to sing along to this one, coz You sure know the Words – The Eagles with, “The Best Of My Love”; But wait – The Inspiration & Sheer Vie des Spirit continues as Mr Shuffle now takes us right back to DISCO – Studio 54, The Garage, The Loft – Those Halcyon Days when we were all Gods, &, it’s The Goddess Herself Ms France Joli with, “The Heart To Break A Heart (Remix)” – In All its’ 12″ Glory, Of Course… I can’t Stop Myself, I’m Shimmying! And we keep in the same Decade next and certainly the central Character of this Song probably used to Dance his socks off at some of those Great Clubs, for we have Mr Rod Stewart &, “The Killing of Georgie (Pts 1&2)” – Rod would have still been with Britt Eckland at the time and camped out in LA – This is a Great Song and Mr Stewart just Nails it – It takes me to a better place every time I hear it!; If I’m not mistaken this Next Track has a Proprinquity, nay Proximity in Time & is from Michel Polnoreff – There was a Disco Artist of a similar name around the same time & we have some of his stuff, including ‘Lipstick’ – but this is not that He & it’s not That Cut, Rather it’s a lovely French track, “La Poupee Qui Fait Non”; & Finally Today, Oh Yes one of my Favourite Tracks from Elton John “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” – God Bless Ms Tailor wherever you may be! And another Song that also reminds me of Felixstowe & Long Hot Summers – I appreciate that the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand – & Candy Floss, &, crushes on unattainable Girls, &, Sand between the toes – You know what I mean! Anyway, Check it Out, Keep The Faith, Light A Candle for P F Sloan & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle 🙂

Advertisements – Blog 50 & A Shout Out To All New Followers & A little Reminder Of What We’re About!

It’s Blog No 50 – A Minor Milestone, but I thought timely just to remind Followers old and New – & a Shout Out for DJ Crookkid & The Many Others who have recently joined us on the Bus to Wolverhamton, just what we’re about!

Quite simply, This Blog is all about Keeping The Faith for All Good Music and Letting The Shuffle do it’s thing! It’s also Celebration of What is Good!

We now have over 11,000  tracks loaded onto the iPlayer – & It continues to Grow with for example a whole new Batch of Classic Philly Remixes by Tom Moulton, the Philly 25th Anniversary Collection on route & other New and Not So New Stuff being added daily. It’s a great job!

The key is it’s all carefully chosen and we like it!! And that adds up now to over 34 Days of pure listening pleasure, A Mashup of Great Music & Styles, &, it sure is an eclectic mix – Personal, Quirky, Inspiring…? Certainly judging by some of the continuing comments we are getting from All over the World, You are finding the Daily Trips interesting & the whole idea Inspiring!! That’s great and Thank You. We’ll certainly keep doing it…

So, let’s press Shuffle and see whether today’s journey will strike a chord with Whatever’s In My Head & Your Head – & Do Check out as many of the Tunes as you can,  in any way you can!

Of course, as I’ve said before, the journey’s not just about the music of course, but the order in which the tracks play, &, just like Proust’s wee cakes, it’s the memories and the remembrances they invoke and indeed, what they inspire! The very essence of being Human!

As an adjunct then to whatever else you may do, I hope this will continue to inspire you to not only go and check out and listen to today’s tracks as I’ve already said, but also if you can to then listen to them in the order they play as part of that day’s blog. Try when you can and when you have time, because that is where the real surprise and the real delight will be – right there in that change between one type of music, mood & tempo and another. Go with the flow and let that track that comes right out of left field catch you and put you right back in a moment when… !

And I also hope you continue to enjoy some of the stories and memories they invoke for me as well!!

Happy traveling on your “Whatever’s In My Head” journey & remember, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle! :)) – Blog 49 or Veritas Vos Laribat

The Truth will Set You Free, Oh Yes, But the Funk will Release You as You go Down for the Up Stroke, &, We have a Storming Opener today from Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes with, “Prayin” – I am on the look-out for one of their later cuts, ‘Reaching For The World’ – Still only available on Vynil though, but it will come!; Next a rather Fabby Dabby Track from the Jazz Funk Master, Weldon Irvine – A Killer Groove, but veering towards Mellow, It’s incessantly cool and Builds & Builds – “Music Is The Key” – Go Check it Out, You know You’re Worth It!; Equally Mellow but with a Thumping back-beat – Johhny Cash comes a calling with a Powerful & Resounding, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” – But Veritas Vos Laribat, eh??; The Shuffle Monkey has certainly settled once more into a Quasi-Religious, Semi-Reflective Groove & now hits us with The Dells & a Brooding, “I Miss You” – Great, Great Vocals and These Guys Really Mean It!; A very beautiful Soul Harmony Cut next from the Millionaires giving us, “The One Who Loves You” – But, Of Course!; The Band ride over the ridge now with a marvellous song, “Stage Fright”; Quickly followed by a real 1960’s Shake n’ Bake & Dino Del & Billy & their version of Bob Dylan’s, “Like A Rolling Stone” – Great, A little Gem, &< Dig those Harmonicas; A Majestic GEAR CHANGE next and into Brass Band territory with the Brighouse & Resterick BB giving us a swinging version of, “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue”; GEAR CHANGE again & SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER to Boot now for we have the Flautist Herbie Mann giving us a Classic Disco cut with, “Superman (LP Version)” – & you ought to take a look-see at the LP/CD Sleeve – Herbie looks very fetching wearing his pants over his Trousers – A True Man of Steel!; Blondie rides into Town next with a Chugging, “One Way Or Another” – A Great Little Mover, So Go Ahead – Nobody’s watching!!; & Finally for Today Mark Murphy graces us once again with an After Eyes & very Smokey, “Angel Eyes” – Love is Certainly What Stays & You Can Be Sure About That! Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle 😉 – Blog 48 or The Centre Will Not Hold, Chaos Reigns!

No – It’s not a Trailer for the New Season of Dr Who – With a new Assistant I hear?? Rather, &, with Apologies to William Butler Yeat’s, Easter Rising 1916 – But as its’ almost Easter let’s see what Mr Shuffle has at the starting gate for us today – First up is a return from Curtis Mayfield & his Classic, “Give Me Your Love”; Quickly followed by Janice &, “Take Me Away” – which has a very Jazzy Outro, reminding me very much of ‘Blue Magic’s’, “Welcome To The Club”; Horns to the Fore now as Chicago muscles in with, “Make Me Smile (New Edit)”; Next Stevie Wonder comes, “Creepin” – from the ‘Fullfilingness First Finale’ Set; Quickly followed once more, but this time by an equisite Patrice Rushen track, sounding not unlike a revved-up ‘Roger Zapp’ – “Let There Be Funk” certainly does just that and Keeps Just On The Right Side, Oh Yes!; Rene & Angela now with, “Everything We Do” which is just lovely & one for All us Romance Heads!; Avenue B Boogie Band next and, “Bumper To Bumper (Original 12″ Mix)” – which is not about Car parts, Oh No – & Get Dancing!!; GEAR CHANGE & an Epithany to Boot – “Cum On Feel The Noize” by Slade– Listen to the Lyrics, they were clearly trying to shake-off their ‘Skin-Head’ image & be embraced as one of the True Glam Rock Progenitors – Although, even I admit that is rather stretching it – Still they certainly were starting to look th Glammed-Up part by this point!; A National Italian Institution and Icon now, Paulo Conte & he is giving us a stirring rendition of, “Danza Della Vanita” – Marvellous, A Fantastico Spiritual up-lift; & next is another with a Blast of Good Old Funk  from the New Jersey Mass Choir &, “Nothing Can Separate Me From Your Love” – Oh No & Bloody Marvellous! DISCO ALERT & it’s a goody too – Donna Summer &, “Heaven Knows” – which really rather continues in the Spiritual vein, Don’t you Think?; & Finally today a Trip back to the 1960’s – Courtesy of Mr Shuffle’s Supersonic Rocket Ship – & The Poppy Family are singing, “Which Way Are You Going Billy” – I remember learning to play this on the Guitar aged Nine – A Three Chord Wonder was I! Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle – Till Next Time 🙂 – Blog No 47 or Nous Ne Viehlirons Pas Ensemble?

I do hope we all grow Old & do so Disgracefully – With Great Style, Wit and Panache’ – But our paths will diverge & we will move onto other things – That is Life – Panta Re’ – In the meantime though, Let’s Get Down & Boogie!! Today we Blast off with a 4-To-The-Floor Dimitri Remix & a Killer of a Tune with Darcus busting it all out on, “It’s Got To Be Love” – Oh Yes & I am now in Heaven – Quite literally under the Arches at Charing Cross in London, blazing a Trail across the Dance Floor – Bloody Marvellous – Go Listen!! Next up is the Who with, “I Can See Clearly Now”; Quickly followed by Huba &, “Man Brings The Bread” – I hope you have heard of these very Cool Cats – If not, go and check them out & listen out for the great Jazz Funk Wig-out in the final quarter of the Song – They are definitely keeping it just the right side of righteous!!; Macy Gray now &, “Do Something” – It fits, it works, but I can’t help feeling that maybe she was a little oversold?; Listen then compare to our next Artist, Jean Carne & “It Must Be Love” – A Superb track!! Now we move further into a Cool Jazz Groove with Sonny Rollins blowing his Horn on an Alternate Take of, “Alfie’s Theme, Differently” – & Definitely Coool! Un Francais next with Une Belle Fille, Barbara singing “Le Mal De Vivre”; Big GEAR CHANGE now and a Double Swerve into The Cult & a Storming, “Lil Devil” – Air Guitars, Please!; & Finally today we end with the Fantastic Moments and a Great Northern Soul Track, “Key To My Happiness” – Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle, Till Next Time 🙂 – Blog 46 or Wer Wenn Nicht Wir!

And, “If Not Us, Who?” – A Leading Question for Mr Shuffle and the naughty little Monkey is going straight down the Deep Soul/Love & Regret Path with Bloodstone &, “Who Has The Last Laugh Now” – You’ve got to Hear this and I’m already regretting all those Love’s that I’ve Loved & Lost down the Years!!; Elton John rolls in next with a very recent Track of his, “Eight Hundred Dollar Shoes”- Sounds Fancy – I’ve Currently got the Hots for a pair of MTO, Alfred Sargent’s ‘Keats’ Brogues & The Shoe Snob is a Blog well worth following!; Now we have Her Greatness, Ms Cilla Black – No Less & once again, this time though singing in Italian – Eurovision is Coming and this gets me right in the Mood, “Non C’e Domani” – Go Listen for She is great in any Language!; Big DISCO ALERT follows with Area Code (212) &, “Duke’s Train” – Let’s All Shimmy to Studio 54 – Glitter Balls to the Ready – Choo Choo Choo!!; The next Track is a bit out of left field given the Season, but who could and who would argue with the Shuffle Monkey’s choice – Free Will versus Determinism & Heigel’s Hidden Hand & All That – but here with have the immense Judy Garland with a completely heartfelt, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Brilliance is brilliance, from Whenever & Wherever!; Still the Shuffle Meister’s decided to Ramp it up again now with a completely SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER tune by Unlimited Touch &, “Searching To Find The One” – I Loved this Group when I first heard them in the early 1980’s doing ‘I Hear Music In The Streets’ – Which is also a Norman Jay favourite, I believe – & they sure can move-to-the-groove!; Next The Dells from the Classic Album – ‘Standing Ovation’ – & a great great track, “Private Property” – Just Feel The Love & Feel The Soul; & Finally today for our delectation, a Great French Actress & Jean Luc Goddards former Wife to boot – Anna Karina – singing, “Roller Girl” – C’est Chic, Mai Oui!! Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle – Till Next Time 😉 – Blog 45 Or We Almost Made Our Poem Rhyme!

“Didn’t We Girl” – You clever Shuffle Monkey, as we begin Today with Richard Harris and a Majesterial interpretation of the Great Jimmy Webb’s Classic, “Didn’t We” – & How Many Versions do we have of the on Shuffle, &, Why Not – A Great Song & after Camelot & McArthur Park’s Pink Green Icing, The Irishman was on a Roll!; Next up is Kool & The Gang with, “Think It Over”; Quickly followed by one of my Favourite Bob Dylan tracks, “You’re A Big Girl Now” off ‘Blood On The Tracks’; A Guilty Pleasure now with I’m afraid, ELO who come flying in with the Ripping Yarn that is, “Living Thing” – With Strings & A Host of other Things; Back to Soulsville next with the fabulous Drifters &, “You Got To Pay Your Dues” – A Real After Hours pleasure; The Great Harry Nilsson follows with one of his Songs which was covered by The Monkeys amongst others, “Cuddly Toy” – Very 60’s, Very Bouncy & Big Respect to the Late Davy Jones; Next up and more Soulsville with the Fantastics singing from 1971, “Something Old, Something New” – I can just see them on Top Of The Pops now!!; This next Track is rather special – Elegant Sounding, Sunday Afternoon Soul with Deborah Laws, Ronnie’s little sister – Who I think is also playing the Sax on this great Track, “Very Special” – Love is Life & Life is Living – Love It, Love It, Love It; GEAR CHANGE now, but a rather audaciously Brilliant one I Hope you will agree, for we have Willie Nelson singing a pretty recent one of his & a rather lovely song to boot, “Moments Of Forever” – Which has also been covered by Kris Kristoferson – &, of course, we have Both Versions in the Mix – You can’t beat Willie’s version though, with it’s soft Waltz Time & Low Strung Guitar & Fantastic Country Soul voice Thank You Mr Nelson!; & Finally today we are going out on such a Good Good song from Mascara once again & Luther Vandross is doing the vocals on, “Jet Plane Ride” – 4-To-The-Floor & Shimmy Shimmy all the way to the Bank – Saturday Night Forever, Oh Yeah, &, God Bless Chris Hills who produced it – The Best DJ I was ever in a Room with!! So, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle, Laters! 😉