– Blog 63 or You + Me = Keeping The Faith With Msr Le Shuffle!

Yes – We’re back! And whilst we’ve been away, we’ve been missed! The Times Newspaper had a Front Page lead – “Keeping The Faith” – & we’re now Tweeting on PM@keepitonshuffle@desfume – Spread the word coz we need to be heard!

Right, so where the Ben & Holly were we? Oh Yes, &, what a Brilliant Three to kick us off – Right in The Groove first with Stephanie Mills & the excellent, “Deeper Inside Your Love”; Next Michael Wycoff with the very excellent, “Love Conquers All” – & Thirdly, The Very Excellent, “Silly Games” – by UK Reggae Singer Janet Kay – The very first 12″ Record I bought to celebrate my purchase of some Marantz separates in 1979 – The very first 12″ I ever owned though, if my memory serves me right, was by Garnett Mimms – But what was it called? Blowed if I can Remember!!

The Undisputed Truth follow with a real Disco Connection & the real deal – a full 11 minutes 13 seconds of, “You + Me = Love” – That Formula certainly works in my book & this is a Stormer! Some Northern Soul next with Bobby Paris &, “I Walked Away” – Brill! And this is followed in turn by some Nilson Schmilson – Harry Nilson &, “Living Without You”! Rather than just, ‘Without You’!!

Some marvelous Luxury Soul comes next & it’s a Dog Gone Killer Groove to Boot from Bobby Lyle – The Fab & Funky, “Good Inside” – It’s definitely got a Meters, Chocolate Milk, Don Blackman & Bernard Wright feel going on! “What’s New Pussycat” follows – But it’s the Quincy Jones instrumental version on the Talkin Verve Label – & following up the rear are the Fantastic Trammps with the Classic, “Trammps Disco Theme/Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart” – Marvelous Philly Soul!

Elvis next with another Classic, “I’m Moving On” – Followed in Turn by another Classic Elvis Track, but on this occasion delivered and served up to us by Maxine Weldon who sings, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” – Great Stuff! A quick about thrust into, “La Javanaise” sung exquisitely by Juiliette Greco & written (For Her? They were, I think, an Item at the time?) by the Great Great Great Serge Gainsburgh; & Finally today – He’s Belgian, not French – But none the less Fantastic for that & he can also provide ‘1 of your 3 Famous Belgians’ for that All Important Pub Quiz – it’s Jacques Brel singing, “La Chanson Des Vieux Amants” – Oh Yeah!

So, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle – Till Next Time! 🙂


Advertisements – Blog 62 or A Reminder of What It’s All About & A Continuing Thankyou for Reading & Following!

We ‘re Back from our Travels once again & here is a Little Reminder of What We Are All About!

This Blog is all about Keeping The Faith for All Good Music and Letting The Shuffle do it’s thing!

We now have over 11,000+  tracks loaded onto The iPlayer – & it’s continuing to Grow!!. Each Track is carefully chosen & that’s over 33.5 Days of pure listening pleasure. It sure is an eclectic mix – Personal, Quirky, Inspiring…? Certainly judging by some of the comments which are continuing to be made, some of you from all over the World are finding this an interesting trip and the whole idea Inspiring!! That’s great and Thank You. We’ll certainly keep doing it…

So, let’s press Shuffle and see whether today’s journey will strike a chord with “Whatever’s In My Head”.

Of course, as I’ve said before, the journey’s not just about the music, but the order in which the tracks play, &, just like Proust’s “Madelienes”, it’s the memories and the remembrances they invoke and indeed, what they inspire! The very essence of the Human Condition.

As an adjunct then to whatever else you may do, I hope this will continue to Inspire you to go and search out and listen to today’s tracks when I list them in the order they play as part of the Blog. Do so in the same order because that is where the real surprise and the real delight will be – right there in that change between one type of music, mood & tempo and another. Go with the flow and let that track that comes right out of left field catch you and put you right back in a moment when… !

And I also hope you continue to enjoy some of the stories and memories they invoke for me as well!!

Happy traveling on your “Whatever’s In My Head” journey & remember, Keep The Faith & I’ll most certainly Keep It On Shuffle! 🙂 – Blog 62 or I May Seem Free But I Am Just A Prisoner!

Jean Jacques Rousseau wrote, ‘Man Is Born Free, But Is Everywhere In Chains’ – Whilst Macey Gray sang, ‘I May Seem Free, But I’m Just A Prisoner’ – & Jessy J says, ‘The Sale Comes First, Then The Truth’ – So, What’s the Common Theme here – Freedom, but Freedom from what? Tyranny, Love, Control – Freedom, Real or Illusory – We are All free, or We are All in Chains – Too Afraid to Live & Too Afraid to Die – Bob Dylan wrote, ‘We’ve All Got To Serve Somebody’ & we have several great versions of that song in the Mix – Including Cuts from both Marianne Faithful & Willie Nelson – But Enough of Me already, You didn’t Come Round today to Listen to Me in between cups of Tea – Let’s put Ourselves in the Willing Hands of the Wee Shuffle Monkey & Keep The Faith!

And Oh Boy, Oh Boy we are quickly rewarded – What a Belter to Get Us going today – Quite, Quite Marvellous as We Sail in with The Fantastic Four &, “Ain’t I Been Good To You” – A Sweet, Sweet Taste of West Coast Soul; A bit of a Gear Change Now – But it’s a Corker & He’s A Bit of a Soul Boy Too! – Yes Paul Weller & it’s the Jam with, A Town Called Malice” – Such Tight Propulsive Drumming from him on The Drums (I never can remember his name?) & Bruce Foxton on Bass who works in synch to drive the track forward; Next is Dewi Cheetum & Howie with, ‘Impossible Decision” off Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom Label; & What a Fantastic cover follows by Change working their Booty on The Four Season’s, “Oh What A Night”!

Next A fabulous Four-2-The-Floor from Cameo &, “It’s Serious” – These Guys are good & it may be from 1977, but this is Saturday Night Funk – Go Listen!; Brilliant GEAR CHANGE from the little shuffley thing now with Tony Christie &, “Words (Are Impossible)” – Which I think was Originally an Italian Song?; And Another GEAR CHANGE but we make no apologies as we love this Guy’s voice – It’s Cherry Ghost &, “People Help The People” – Too Much Radcliffe & Maloney for me once upon a Time, perhaps? OooH me Dear – it’s the Average White Band to follow and that Classic circa 1978?? Track, “Let’s Go Round Again” – Actually, I think that may well Creep into the 1980’s?

Now, I do like my Latino and Un Francais HIP HOP & this next Track from Cartel De Santa is right in the pocket – “Vato Sencillo” – Go Check It Out – Boombastic!! Maya Azucena follows with, “Near” – Another one to track down & hear soon!! A fundamental Pillar, Nay Cornerstone of Motown Creeps up with an outstanding Classic now & Not Only could this person write Classic Songs, He Could Sing them as well – It’s Lamont Dozier with, “Thank you For The Dream”; & Candi Statton follows with a Great 12″ Mix of, “Count On Me”; One of the many versions in the Mix of this next Great Song follows, “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight sung on this occasion by Ace Spectrum – &, of course, this Great, Great Song was written by James Taylor!! Well, Well, Well – it’s Gram Parsons, with the excellent, “Brass Buttons” – & if you’ve ever wondered where the Eagles got their Mojo from for ‘Lying Eyes’ & ‘Best of My Love’ – Listen & Wonder No further!

Classic Jazz Funk now from the Blackbyrds who were, of course, Donald Byrd’s backing Group & here they are doing it after dark & in the park, “Rock Creek Park” – Which I think Features in several Clint Eastwood Movies (Dirty Harry/Coogan’s Bluff et al)!!

And now we have the fabulous Long John Baldry – All 6′ 10″ of him – Or did I just make that up? Anyway this Classic was a No. 1 in 1967 – “Let The Heartaches Begin” – I Dare You Not To Sing Along!! And of course Long John also famously gave a young and raw Rod (The Mod) Stewart one of his Early Breaks; Gear Change but it’s Storming – Down To The Bone &, “Uptown Hustle” – I am Dancing….; & Finally Today we end with some Great Soul & Phil Flowers giving us, “If It Feels Good Do It” – Bloody Right Too, We Ain’t in Chains – Look at those moves!! PS Saw ‘The Hunger Games Today’ – Good Movie – Go See! And Keep The Faith Coz I Am Definitely Going To Keep It On Shuffle!! 🙂 – Blog 61 or I’m So Turned Onto You!

Well, Well Msr Le Shuffle Novo Caspar hits us first today with a great version of the Uno Melodic Label Classic, “So Turned Onto You” – & if my memory serves me right, it was the Eighties Ladies, featuring Ethel Beatty, who recorded the original – & of course Uno Melodic belonged to Brother Roy Ayers – Of Course, this is probably All wrong, but I don’t use Notes & my interjections are made in real time as the Music Plays from across the +11,000 Tracks which are Now at the disposal of the Shuffle Monkey!

OK, Next up is The Beatles with, “Norwegian Wood”; Followed by our Dear Old Friend – Julio Iglesias singing, “Manuela” – Which is Great Stuff from his 1974 Set – Live at L’Olympia (Paris); & Now we are into Jazz Funk Territory, such is the stretch and the reach & the imaginative pull of the Wee Shuffley Thing – & Patrice Rushen gives us a Yummy, “Haven’t You Heard”; Elvis rides into Town next with a Majestic Sweeping vocal from His Memphis Period circa 1968 – & this Song really suits, “Inherit The Wind”; What next We Wonder & Well, Well Again Msr Le Shuffle as We Stay with Elvis with another cut circa the Same Period, “Any Day Now” – We are clearly being Spoiled!

A swift return to Jazz Funk land follows with Pleasure from their 1970’s Set – ‘Dust Yourself Off’ – &, this track’s called, “Straight Ahead!”; As part of the 100 Club Anniversary we move back in time a tad little further with some Classic Northern Soul from Chuck Jackson singing, “What’s This Loneliness?”; & Then We’re Upping the Beat Count once more with Bionic Boogie who Quickly follow with a Boombastic Gear Shift & Killer Cut, “Dance Little Dreamer (12″ Extended)”; & Finally Today Mara Carlyle &, “Away With Those Self-Loving Lads” – Very Charming – Go Check It Out & Keep The Faith While I Keep It On Shuffle! 🙂 – Blog 60 or Back In The Real World!

First a Big Shout out for Lisa Lai@ Soul4Breakfast – & Lunch, Dinner & Supper Too, We Say here at Monkey Towers & We’re Keeping On Keeping The Faith & Keeping The Music Coming! However Folks, from this Week I find myself Temporarily between Contracts & in Need of Making some Pennies so I can Keep Feeding the Shuffle Monkey with Some Great Music – So Let’s start Blogging & Dance Our Cares Away – & Right Up Msr Le Shuffle Hits us with some Fabby SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER Groove from Unlimited Touch &, “In The Middle” – Get Down You All!

Next the Great & Exquisite Francoise Hardy – Model & L’Artirice But She Didn’t Marry The President of France – Oh No Carla – She was however The Receptionist in the Chapel at the end of ‘What’s New Pussycat’ – When Peter O’Toole has just married, &, Then… & Here today she sings, “Le Temps Des Souveniers”; Brother Roy Ayers follows with a Live version of, “Love Will Bring Us Back Together” – Regular Readers from other Blogs will know that I’ve seen this Cat with The Vibes many times over the past 30 years – & We Both Look Good On It! And Today I’m Dancing Too, Again!!

Two Little Gems next but both very different – First it’s Magna Carta (1066 & All That) with a Beautifully Wistful, “Highways To Spain” – Definitely Makes me want to Scratch that Travel Itch – It was listening to Paul O’Grady on the Radio that reminded me of these Guys, &, Paul’s always worth a listen for his Motown & Northern Soul Triples – & Second we have the other ElvisCostello, with His wee Attractions & the Joyous, “I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down” – Which I think was produced by Nick Lowe – Or was it Dave Edmunds – I know, I should really have Notes & do my research – Bah Humbug!

Next a Great Smooth Jazz/Luxury Soul Track with Snowboy &, “Girl Overboard(feat. Anna Ross)”; Quickly followed by some Fado Tradicional – the Shuffle Monkey is Tres Continental & an Eclectic Little Monkey you know & he’s found Mariza in the Mix giving Big Plaintive Mournful Welly to the Grandiose, “As Meninas Do Neus Othos (Fado Alfacinia)” – She’s Got My Vote!; & We Swerve next into Ashford & Simpson – Another Fave of Le Monkey – & here now with another of their Class Tracks, “Maybe I Can Find It”; And Finally Today the Truly Exquisite Voice of Phyllis Hyman & the very lovely, “When I Give My Love (This Time)” – Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant – Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle, You Hear – Go Listen! 🙂 Blog 59 – Or Not Savoir Vivre, But Savoir Mourir – It Don’t Cost You Nothing!

As James Bond once reflected when right up against it in a rather tight spot with Auric Goldfinger, with a Circular Saw between his ankles and making its way Northwards – You may have No Choice about your Birth he pondered (Between Gulps), but you can Choose the way You Die (& what’s the significance of the first two letters of Mr Goldfinger’s first name??): But enough already, I say let’s ‘Eat To The Beat’ & start drumming up that Blood to coarse through our Veins, coz in the words of the Great Ashford & Simpson & this first Track of today, “It Don’t Cost You Nothing”.

A Great start then from Msr Le Shuffle & he follows with a very thoughtful Grover Washington Jnr track, “I’ll Be With You” – off the ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ LP – Great Vocal – Great Sax – Great Cut! Next up is, Oh No, the Unknown Artist returns – It’s a fantastic piano-driven jazz cut though, but the only other detail we have is, “Track Five” – Sounds a lot like Cedar Walton however & the stuff he was doing around the time of ‘Animations/Soundscapes’ – &, Track 5 from this set is, “Precious Mountain” – Clever Stuff, eh? And I know you’re impressed, Sort Of!

What Follows is a Belter though and we definitely know who this is – Eddie & The Hotrods &, “Do Anything You Want To Do” – This reminds me of the time I rented a Room above a Pub in a South Yorkshire Mining Village – It was only ÂŁ10 a night & as I was paying that was Enough – I was there for about six weeks, three nights every week – but during that time the Landlord, Nice Guy but a Tad Flaky, became increasingly Absent, until just like the Cheshire Cat he was just no longer there at all – then for those final few nights of my sojourn it was basically a Free Bar round the clock – Something like the Last Days of The Holy Roman Empire as described by Gibbons – People, Complete Strangers were running all over the Shop – Needless to say though I was a Soul of Restraint & saw my work & need to stay out, Then High-tailed it for Calm Sobriety – & when I Finally Get There I’ll Let You All Know!!.

Next Up is Gaz Lighters Aloft with a Big Power Ballad from a Big Haired Magnum giving us, “Sacred Hour”; Great GEAR CHANGE now with the Bee Gees (& I’m truly saddened to hear of Robin Gibbs worsening medical condition) – but here they are when they truly were on top of the world singing, “More Than A Woman” – This version takes me right back to the Winter of 1977/8 & Harlow in Essex where I trained to be a Journalist – Brilliant Song and I just Love it, perhaps even more than the Tavares version which featured on ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

The Rolling Stones swagger in now from my Favourite Period of theirs, around ‘Exile On Main Street’ time, &, a blistering, “Rocks Off” – Primal Scream could only But Dream!; & Carol King next singing, ‘It’s Too Late” with James Taylor – which gives it all a certain synergy, given she originally wrote this Song about their Break-up & 30 years later they get to sing about it together – It’s a great version & who needs Therapy anyway!; Some Jazz Fusion follows from Fattburger &, “Love Is Like A River”; And Finally Today the Kinks with, “I’m Not Like Everybody Else – There Range & Versatility was Incredible & they sound so different on lots of their stuff – Under-rated me thinks? Anyway, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 58 or Talking Loud & Saying Nothing!

What Fantastic Product has come off the Verve Label over the Years & the Link here with the first track today is, If not directly, The Godfather of Soul – The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz – James Brown and one of his Stable Ladies – Lynn Collins giving it excellent Booty with, “Give It Up Or Turn It Loose” – A Fab Fab Start & Thunderbirds are Go!; And this is Quickly followed by Frank with their Majestic Disco Classic, “Keep On Getting Down” – Which is definitely what we are all About when we’re Keeping It On The Good Foot, Oh Yeah!; Very Early Rolling Stones next with a Raw Mono Recording of, “Time Is On My Side” – & if you haven’t read Keith Richards Autobiography yet – Do!!

Disco with a Capital DISCO follows and it’s a track from one of it’s greatest Exponents – Dan Hartman he popped up around 1978 – Made a couple of righteous Disco Classics – Well certainly four I can name, Bob – including ‘Light My Fire’ which was covered a few years later by Take That & Lulu – & this Brace of Tracks (Coz that’s how they went down on the 12″Mix) were out before ‘LMF’ – “Count Down/This Is It” – What a Pairing and it’s got me Dancing – Both Tracks are Pure Disco Gold, but needless to say the way they are spliced together is a little Corney – But Hey, I can forgive the producers that, &, for Sheer Joi De Vivre, ‘This Is It’ will have you bouncing around the Kitchen Table!!; Next up is a great piece of Country Boogie with Hayes Caryll singing, “She Left Me For Jesus” – A Really Brilliant, Sassy Lyric – Highly Quotable and you won’t be help yourself singing along – ‘She Said He Was Perfect & How Could I Compare’ & ‘The Last Time We Made Love She Even Yelled Out His Name– Oh Yeah!

Some Class now with the Great Cannonball Adderley ripping it up with, “Up & At It” from ‘Walk Tall’- Which is also a fantastic Mark Soskin track which I am still on the look-out for in CD format!; Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant follows with Richard Dimples Fields & the truly Classic Smooch, “She’s Got Papers On Me” – It’s right up there with, ‘Shine On’ – ‘If You’re Not Back In Love By Monday’ – &, ‘Just To Be Close To You’ – I could go on, but I won’t – Just let’s say, not enough Smoochy stuff in the World today!

Oh Yes, The Beat Counts way up and we’re back into DEEP DISCO & BOOGIE with TC James &, “Bumpsie’s Whipping Cream (Salvarese Mix)” – It’s Thumping, Jumping & Dig The Sax Break at 4 Mins in – But Frankly it doesn’t leave much to the imagination – Go Listen!; And Finally today another change of Pace & it’s from a Group who could really Mix it up with Heavy Funk – Mandrill – but this is from their slower-side and showcases just how soulful, jazzy and thoughtful they could be with, “Closer To You” – So Keep The Faith whilst Keeping It On The Good Foot & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle! 🙂