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Well it’s all a bit Previous – In fact it’s all gone Pete Tong here at Monkey Towers & we are ‘Blowing Bubbles’ – Which is not a Bad Michael Jackson Joke – No, we’ve decided Work Is Fun and the Shuffle Monkey has gone and bought himself a little outfit for the Gym! Too many Bananas, says He… And first off Today we have Roy Woods with, “Forever” – from, I think, 1973; & this is followed by a Modern Soul Gem from the Great Patti Austin singing so sweetly on, “Whatever It Is?”! & right behind this comes a swinging Paul Anka with a righteous cover of Spandau Ballet’s, “True” – We’re Cooking!!

Next up is Allen Toussaint with, “the Chokin Kind”; Followed by firstly Bruce Channel hot footing from the Swinging Sixties with, “Keep On”– & then Hot Chocolate with a classic of their’s – “Everyone’s A Winner” – Now why hasn’t this been remixed in its’ time by Tom Moulton – It’s a Pumping 110 BPM – Great Stuff & it’s ripe for it!

GEAR CHANGE next and a welcome return Un Francais & the Majestic Eddy Mitchell who is singing, “Comme Quand J’etais Mome” – Marvelous! And this is followed by some great Afro Soul from the Soul Searchers &, “We The People” – Some more Great Modern Soul from Derek Martin with, Beautiful Woman” – We’re Flying High, Oh Yes! – And then we come into land with Luther Vandross guesting with Chris Hill’s Lipstick on the jubilant DISCO of, “It’s Cool” – & this is from circa 1979!

A Fine Fine Tune next called, “The Last Romantic” & this is from Passenger – A real DISCO DISCHARGE this track & I just Love It – Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy! And this is followed by the, “Joker” by Giles Pettiford – Good Soul Vibe & a Tad Leftfield, but you’ll probably have heard it covered before by more Mainstream Artists; & next some Classic Disco House from Bob Sinclair &, “What Would We Do (Original)”!

Jackson Browne now with some Classic Americana of, “The Load-Out”: & Bryan Ferry follows from his Album ‘Dylanesque’ & it’s His Awesome Cover of, “To Make You Feel My Love” – Wonderful! Robin Thicke Powers behind with the Fabby Wabby, “Lovely Lady”; & Sammi Smith rides in with a Fantastic Waltz Time version of, “Help Me Make It Through The Night” – A Fantastic song covered by many great Artists and written by, Kris Kristofferson!

Yep – Msr Le Shuffle is pulling out all the stops and we close Today with three absolutely stonkingly good tracks from The Mix – Firstly, The Andrea Possa Trio with the Jazz Swing Time of, “You Can’t Get What You Want” – As Cool As; Secondly Bob Dylan with, “Just Like a Woman”; & Thirdly – &, Oh Yes – it’s the Bee Gees & my Favourite Ever song of theirs & as you’ll Know (In The Know) there is a Lot to Choose from – & this one comes from, I think, circa 1976 – 7, &, it just pre-dates them going mega with ‘Saturday Night Fever’ – Anyway, the song is called,”Love So Right”- For me it’s right up there with the original version of ‘Witcha Lineman’ & the 12″ Sax intro to ‘Native New Yorker’ & a Few Other Stormers to Boot – God Bless, Robin, Barry & Maurice – & Everybody Keep The Faith as we Keep It On Shuffle! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ou’ Canard – But Pride in Defeat – & First Off Today we have Gregory Porter &, “Be Good (Lion’s Song)” – Absolutely fantastic & we dedicate that to Mr (Sir) Humperdink; & this is Gamely Followed by, “Hot Thang” from The Cash – Deep Disco Boogies at it’s Best & Yes – We also Dedicate this to Englebert; & Next up is an actual former Euro Vision winner, “What’s Another Year” by Johnny Logan – A great song on it’s own Merits, &, OK – You Bet – We also dedicate this to his Dink-Ness!!

Some Classic Lover’s Rock now with Susan Cadoggan &, “If”; Followed by the Late & Great Gil Scott Heron with, “My Cloud” – which was a track from his last Album, ‘We’re New Here’ – Which clearly the Monkey & I are not, as we now Publish our 80th Blog!

Next is Rodney Franklin with the Theme from, “Hill Street Blues” – This is a Great Soft Jazz Take on the original Mike Post version & puts me right back to circa 1982 – With Furillo, The Detective Dude with the Marvin Gaye beard, & the rather lovely Prosecutor, played by Victoria Hammil?, who was also shacked-up on the quiet with Lt Furillo!! And then there was St Elsewhere, which brought Denzil Washington into the limelight! And Rodney is followed by a great Live version of, “Witchcraft” by the very Talented Scottish pairing ofBrian Kellock & Lianne Caroll!!

Gladys Knight & The Pips now Spin-in with the Glorious, “Take Me In Your Arms & Love Me”; Which is in turn followed by the very Luscious & very Beautiful, “Mystic Stranger” – Sung by the Excellent Jean Carne – Pure Premium Soul Heaven!!

GEAR CHANGE next as we slide into the Strawbs harmonising on, “Lay Me Down” from the ‘Bursting At The Seams’ Album; & A marvelous follow through if I may say Msr Le Monkey with Crazy Horseย singing, “Downtown” – Not the Petula Clarke version though!; And Finally Today another amazing GEAR CHANGE into Bionic Boogie &, “I Feel Like Dancing” – & Yes I do, Cha Cha Cha… Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 79 or Who Polices The Police?

A rather great and colourful quote from Sir Robert Marks who in the 1970’s was the then Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police went like this, “I want a Police Force that catches more Criminals then I Employ!” – Vintage, &, they don’t make them like that anymore – & clearly he hadn’t yet heard of Joan As A Policewoman, but as the Shuffle Monkey has just pointed out to me, she probably hadn’t been born then – But what would Sir Richard have to say about Msr Le Shuffle who in his wee shuffley way is wontonly plundering All that is Good & Great about Music to Throw into the Mix – Perhaps something like, “It Would Be Criminal Not To Do It, Wee Monkey” – Oh Yes, & Today the Shuffle Meister gets us started with, “What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)” byย Johnny Bristol – Now That’s Bad! And to follow that is, “Prince & Thieves” – A Classic Reggae Track from Junior Marvin – Reggae In Your Jeggae! Well Well Well – Book ’em Both Danno!

The late & great Serge Gainsbourg is next with, “Aux Armes Et Caetera” from His Album of the same name & it’s really quite an authentic sounding Reggae Track, which is perhaps not surprising as all this stuff was recorded at the time in Jamaica with Sly Dunbar etc., & it Cranks up the Junior Marvin vibe a tad more! Maze follow with the Great song, “Too Many Games” – The He Say, She Say… Marvellous Stuff! And next in this Segment is Camille O’Sullivan covering Nick Cave’s, “People Ain’t No Good” – & Nick’s version has already been chosen by the Shuffle Monkey & indeed featured a few Blogs back!

“24 Hours A Day” now from Barbara Pennington & this is real Northern Soul memories stuff; & it’s followed by the wee shuffley thing giving us The Carpenters &, “For All We Know (Love & Other Strangers Theme)” – Karen Carpenter, What A Voice! And here now follows the marvellous Dells with, “Could It Be”; With some fabulous Bossa storming behind from Elaine Elias &, ” Minha Saudade” which is a Great Summer groove!

Some more Northern Soul in the House now from Tommy Roe &, “I Wish You Didn’t Have To Go” – Sweetly Inspired! And we Trip into some late 1980’s Dance Stuff with Inner City &, “Whatcha Gonna Do With My Loving” – Dance Dance Dance; To only then be blessed with one of Msr Le Shuffle’s Greatest ‘Pulls’ in the Mix – Where Does he Find them?? – Yes, Carol Douglas with the splendid, “In The Morning”; & then – Narada Michael Walden hitting those Bottles with, “Tonight I’m All Right” – Another Great 80’s Goove!

And finally today we have three Soul corkers to play us out – Firstly, G C Cameron & the Californian Soul of, “Act Like A Shot Gun”; Secondly the marvellous Jackie Ross with the Northern Soul of, “Keep You Chin Up”; & Third Tom Scott with the Jazz Soul of, “Don’t Get Any Better”!

The Shuffle Monkey & I here at Monkey Towers couldn’t agree more – So, Keep Your Chin Up, Keep The Faith, &, We’ll Continue To Keep It On Shuffle – Oh Yeah! And Watch Eurovision Tomorrow – It’s Not Sad, It’s Bad – & Give it up for the ‘Dink’!! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 78 or A Fact Of Life Is Almost Everything Contains Calories!

So, Get Over That & You Can Get To This – Which brings us nicely to our Opener today from the Shuffle Monkey from Leroy Hutson singing, “Get To This & You’ll Get To Me” – Luxury Soul Indeed!

Matt Munro drives his Bus into Town next – Now was He a Bus driver, or Conductor (?) before his marvelous voice brought him Fame & Fortune, &, today he is singing for us – Courtesy of Msr Le Shuffle “From Russia With Love” – My 2nd Favourite Bond Film (?), Perhaps! And this is Followed by the Glitter Band – But these weren’t Gary’s mates – Oh No!! This is Classic Disco & the track is called,”Makes You Go Blind”- Prudent Advice from our erstwhile Funkateers!

More Classic Disco orientated Northern Soul, for Dancing & a prancing too, with James Wells singing the great, “Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow”; Which takes us right into the very lovely Olivia (Neutron) Newton John singing with great aplomb, “The Banks Of The Old Ohio”; And this is followed in turn rather superbly by the amazingly versatile Kinks with the great, “Waterloo Sunset”… ‘And, I don’t Feel Afraid. As Long As I Gaze On Waterloo Sunset, I’m In Paradise’ – & I know exactly what Ray Davis means having worked in London for many years!!

And Oh Yes, the Shuffley One has gone and Nutmegged us and done an ABBA on us – It’s the Kinks again with, “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” – Brilliant & So Different to ‘Waterloo Sunset’; & this is Followed by some Classic Vintage Doo-Wop Soul from Brenda & The Tabulations singing, “Dry Your Eyes” – Righteous, Oh Yes!

Next is one of my Favourite Songs, “Girl Talk” – Done Today by one of my Favourite French Singers, the Great Claude Nougaro & his version is called, “Dansez Sur Moi” – I’m In Heaven – Monkey Heaven- Shuffle Heaven!; & we play out with Two Classics – Firstly, Les McCann & the Pop-Corn Popping Jazz Synth work-out of, “North Carolina” – & What A Beat which is Definitely keeping it on the right side of Funk!! And lastly some more Classic Disco with a Soul Spin in the shape of a Tom Moulton Remix (& You Aren’t Nothing baby if you Haven’t Been remixed By Tom!)ย  of Cool Million’s, “Lift Me Up” – Party Party Party & Keep The Faith Coz We’re Keeping It On Shuffle!! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 77 or Robin Gibb RIP

Some more sad sad news here at Monkey Towers when today we learned of Robin Gibb’s death. The Monkey & I love the Bee Gees – what a Canon of great music they produced over the years, & in different decades, & I understand that Robin was still trying to write even more great songs right up to his death – God Bless & RIP!

The Eurovision Song Contest is only a few days away now and we can barely contain our excitement here, so what does Msr Les Shuffle choose to kick us off with Today – Pharoah Sanders a great choice and here he is blowing the proverbial pants off the Marvin Gaye 4-to-the-Floor Classic, “Got To Give It Up” – Brilliant Choice my Monkey Mate & personally I think we should have more of Pharoah Sanders – particularly stuff from the more commercial end of his output, with Phylis Hyman singing!

I sat down with the wee shuffly one the other day & we had a little chat – He was wearing his Claret Beret & I, my Black Breton Fisherman’s Cap, & I asked Him how things were? – sort of checking-in – I told Him he was doing a great job and asked if there was anything else He wanted – After all I said, he couldn’t be expected to keep keeping it on shuffle for Peanuts – But, I’m a Monkey He Said – & a very Philosophical and Unpretentious One, I thought – Now, if only He’d do the Ironing as well! Still, It’s Monkey Madness next, but of the Best sort, &, it’s an absolute Corker of a GEAR CHANGE with Matt Munro singing the very wonderful, “Walk Away”; Which is quickly Followed by a very Gritty Chris Rea with, “Stony Road” – Still So Far To Go – Gritty, Gritty!

A Larry Levan track next with Taana Gardner &, “When You Touch Me (Vocal)” – Which is a Storming Disco cut & very very Welcome – We’re Up & Dancing!; & Morrissey comes a Dancing & a Prancing Into View now, with a great Track off, ‘Suedehead’ called, “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful” – A little more Cheery than usual we think – Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha – That’s him laughing in the song, by the way!

A Classic Old School Soul cut now from The Delfonics singing, “Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can’t Hide From Love)” – Bet You Didn’t know that was its’ Full Title? And some more great soul follows with Belita Woods singing, “My Magic Corner”; Which in turn is followed by a great bit of Gangster Rap as Andre 3000 & Big Gipp roll into Town & onto The Block to give it large Hombre with, “Boogie Man”; & then we have another Body Swerve from the Monkey Meister & we slide into the Live version of, “Joy & Pain” by Maze with the Great Great vocals of Frankie Beverley – They were/are a Great Live Band and The Monkey & I must have seen them at least Ten Times over the Years, in venues large & small – Always a fabulous experience!!

Next up is a great Nu Jazz track from the Japanese Super Group The Natives & they are giving us, “Rolling-I”; & this is followed by Barbra – Yes Barbra Streisand with, “Stoney End” – One of Laura Nyro’s great songs, of course – & the Shuffle Monkey is loving this; & Finally today and this is The Shuffle & no Fix – Yes, it’s Englebert Humperdink and the majestic and glorious, “Les Bicyclettes De Belsize” – Turning & Turning the World Goes On.. Magic!! Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle – For All Good Music & All Our Heroes! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 76 or Whatever Happened To Blog 74, The Voice & Donna Summer RIP!

The Real World is never far away at Monkey Towers & in the past few days we have been very touched by the Sad News of Donna Summer’s death – We Loved her and Msr Le Monkey has many of her tunes in the MIX: ON another Note we enjoyed the Spat last night on The Voice between & Danny – For Me & The Monkey’s money Mr was Spot on – where was the Dope with those two from Danny’s Team? – We are now expecting Great things from Team Will on the next Pass – Triple Dope with lashings of Wim Wham Wan Thrown IN, Oh YEAH!!

Now, I’ve long thought that if my last name had been Herring I would have been inclined to call at least one of my kids, ‘Red’ – I mentioned this to the monkey the other day & he just shrugged in that Gallic way of his & said, “Mais Oui, Mais Non” – Well that’s just him! – More importantly though, Hands up who noticed there has been no Blog 74 – We went from 73 straight to 75 – A Real ‘Where’s Wally’ moment – Oh Well, that & Age Spots!!

So, Shuffle Monkey who’s coming out of your Bag first Today – Hands Up & Hands Off, it’s an Inspired choice, although there is no choosing involved – It’s Nick Caveย (& His) Bad Seeds no less with, “Brampton Oratory”; Which in turn is followed by Kurt Elling singing, “The Waking” from his Great Album, ‘Nightmares’!

Archie Bell & The Drells storm into Town next with, “Dance Your Troubles Away” – Oh Yeah; & Galdys Knight & The Pips tell us its’, “The End Of The Road” – Oh Dear, Much Confusion in Soulsville!; But here to save us are Primal Scream at their best with the Anthemic, “I’ll Be There For You” – It All sort of Works Out in the End!! And what a cross-over of styles!

Shuya Okino again next with one of the Shuffle Monkey’s Classic GEAR CHANGES into some Jazz Dance – But at the High-end with a Japanese Import & it’s a Firecracker & a Builder, “Still In Love feat. Navasha Daya” – The Album is called ‘Destiny’ & it’s end2end marvelous – There’s some Great Contemporary Covers including one of the old Don Blackman’s Classics, ‘Loving You, Holding You’ – Far Out East! And while you are about it, check out Shamek Farrah’s, ‘First Impressions’ Album on the Strata East Label!!

A very Groovy Dave Pike lays down some very cool lines with his Vibes next, off his Classic Album, ‘Jazz For The Jazz Set’ & we have playing now just for us, “Sunny” – The Album cover is very Retro with a delightful young lady in a cocktail dress and Space Helmet – So Austin Powers, which incidentally for all you Quizzers, uses the Ring Tone from the ‘Our Man Flint’ series of Films – Not the Bonds!! And this is followed by Eric Benet with the up to date contemporary soul of, “Lost In Time” – & what a Great Voice!

Un Francais again next with Marie Myrian &, “Sentmentale”; Followed by some excellent Donald Byrd doing Bossa with the remastered, “Brooks Bossa (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)” – Cool As! And we then fall into the Fluffy Pillows of Luxury Northern Soul with the Late Great Walter Jackson singing the Classic & hard to find, “Touching In The Dark”!

Some Great Great Soul next with Coffee &, “If This World (Were Mine)” – Blissful!; & next up is Barbara Streisand again, but this time singing in French from her Album, “Je M’appelle Barbara” & this track is a very fine version of the marvelous, “Autumn Leaves” – Almost as good as Yves Montand’s Classic cut! And finally today we’re going out on a Proper Goody – It’s the fabulous Joneses with, “Friendship” – Keep The Faith Coz Me & The Monkey Are keeping it On Shuffle & Turned Up To 11! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 75 or This Never happened To The Other Fella!

Is – OHMSS my Favourite Bond Film? Probably, Yes – It’s certainly my Favourite Book in the Series – Anyway, I’ts a Soft Play start today with Three great Tracks to get us going & each with an ‘Angel’ or ‘Eyes’ Motif – First up it’s Willie Nelson & Shania Twain with, “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain”; Followed by the Great Boz Scaggs &, “Sierra”; & then Claire Denamur sings “Elio” for us – All Excellent Stuff!

Hed Kandi time next & we’re going ‘Back To Love’ with Robert Owens giving us the Extended Def Mix of, “I’ll Be Your Friend”; Which in turn is followed by one of the Wee Monkey‘s breathtaking Body Swerves straight into Frank Sinatra singing ahead of the Beat to, “The Way You Look Tonight” – Formidable!

Four Soul To Disco Tracks next – Firstly some great Old Soul with Willie Hutch singing, “Just Another Day” from his ‘Ode To My Lady’ Album; Followed next by some Nu Soul & Peggi Blu gives us a resounding, “Can’t Go Back”; & then we fall into a Great Disco Groove from the Disco Vaults with Sister Sledgeย &, “Got To Love Somebody” – Marvellous Stuff; & Finally in this segment a 1980’s Popper with Orlando Johnson & Trance & the ubiquitous, “Can’t Break Loose” – I’m So Hung Up On You Lately Baby, Don’t Keep me Hanging on!! But what’s this – Msr Le Shuffle has gone and squeezed in another Disco Classic with, “Sunshine Hotel” – God Bless Richard T Bear! And God Bless the Shuffle Monkey!

And after being caught in the middle and we can’t break loose, we have Two Corkers to Close us down Today – Firstly, Barry Manilow with the Bitter-Sweet, “Looks Like We Made It” – Listen to those Lyrics again with Fresh Ears – Oh Yes, One For All Who Have Loved, Lost & Then Moved on – To The Sunshine Hotel, Perhaps? That’s where Me & The Monkey are headed; & this final great song can accompany us on our Journey – it’s the Great Great Millie Jackson singing one for her Husband on their Anniversary, Wherever He May Be as She Says at the opening – “If You Could See Me Know” – Turn Down The Lights, Get Out The Sherry & Keep The Faith coz the Monkey & I are Keeping It On Shuffle ๐Ÿ™‚