– Blog 97 or A Movie Tune For Dr Oswald!

The Monkey & I have it on good authority that we go down well in medical circles – we’re considered a Dose of Salts – Liver Salts – We are viewed as an Emetic, purging all things Bad – & a Restorative and Pick-Me Up for the Soul & We All Got Soul, Oh Yeah! Anyway a regular follower of this Blog – The Danny Wilde of the medical profession no less and with a winning way with the application of Leeches to all parts of the Body – Love’s his Movie Tunes, &, Blow Me if the wee shuffley thing hasn’t delved deep into his little bag of tricks and pulled up John Barry from the Mix with, “Midnight Cowboy” – Well done Msr Le Shuffle!!

And to follow that we storm across the Pyramids to find Pharoah Sanders – Who will be playing at Ronnie Scotts in Frith Street, Soho, London soon – Blowing his Jazz Funk horn and giving us an excellent version of, “Answer Me My Love” – Which of course was originally a Hit for Barbara Dickson in the 1970’s!

Disco Remix next, with a Hot-To-Trott Classic from Gregg Diamond & Bionic Boogie &, “Hot Butterfly” – &, of course, the Late & Great Luther Vandross is doing the Vocals on this; And that’s then followed by Curtis Mayfield’s Impressions singing, “(Baby) Turn On To Me”; And then another Fabby GEAR CHANGE into Doris Day with, “Move Over Darling” – Which reminds me, I have the DVD to Watch!

Funk Time now with a Classic SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER track from Mandrill &, “Can You Get It (Suzie Caesar)” – Ip, Ip, Ip, Ip – Which i you listen to the song will make complete sense!! And the Chi Lites float behind with, “Me & You” & they of course took the first part of their name from the first part of Chicago! And we swiftly move up a notch with BlueBoy & the Hypnotic, “Remember Me” – A Ministry of Sound Classic from Back In The Day!!

And finally to play us out – & it would be Great if it had been Dr & The Medics – Remember them? But no such Luck – but no Great Disappointment either because it’s that other Great Doctor of Love – No, not Barry White – He was the Walrus of Love – Get it Right, it’s Teddy Pendergrass with the Barry Manilow penned song, “This One’s For You” – Treat yourself and track down both versions on You Tube – Particular if you haven’t got a busy Surgery – And Keep The Faith, Be Awesome & the Monkey & Me will Keep It On Shuffle, Oh Yeah 🙂


Advertisements – Blog 96 Or The Blues Is A Lot Like Church!

When a Preacher’s preaching the Bible, he’s honest-to-God trying to get you to understand things, &, the Shuffle Monkey & I think that singing the Blues is Kind of Like the same Thing… So, what has the wee shuffley thing gone and done – Oh Yes, he’s pulled from the Mix a great & Mighty Righteous start for us Today, with a Scat version of the Classic, “Autumn leaves” delivered on this occasion by Mel Torme! Which is followed by The Beatles from their ‘White Album’ with, “Revolution No. 1” – & OK, neither are exactly Examples of the Blues, but Quickly behind comes Otis Clay with a Real Blues Goody, “Since I’ve been Loving You” – ‘I’ve been loosing my Mind – I come in the Front Door & Someone leaves by the Backdoor – You’ve got a Backdoor Man’ – Or, perhaps a Large Pussy Cat?? Benefit of the doubt Mate here at Shuffle Towers!!

We move to France next & to Eddy Mitchel singing, “Te Pedre”; Archie Bell & The Drells then Dance their Troubles Away with, “I Won’t Leave You Honey, Never” – But the Cat will have to Go!! And it’s Classic, Quality, Vintage Soul to Boot!

The Human League follow with the Great, “Open Your Heart” from ‘Dare”; & then we cross Borders once again and move to Italy for Adriano Celentano to give us a Rousing version of, “Coccolona (Mamma’s Baby)”; & this is followed in turn by The Light Of The World &, “I’m So Happy” (12″ Version); Which is then Buttressed by back-to-back Beatles appearing yet again Today, but both Good Choices by the wee shuffley thing with Firstly, “Dear Prudence” – & Secondly, “Piggies”!

And Finally today a great closer from Kris Kristofferson &, “Broken Freedom Song” – So, Keep The Faith, Be Awesome & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 95 & Welcome “Fans Of Concha Buika’

It’s an open secret on the Blog that the Shuffle Monkey & I are Great Admirers of the Great Great Spanish Singer Concha Buika & it is our Great Pleasure that the ‘Fans Of Concha Buika’ are now following the Blog on Twitter as well! So, what else could Msr Le Shuffle kick us off with Today but Concha singing the very Beautiful, “Volrevas” – Track 9 from her Album, ‘Nina De Fuego’ – & produced by the Great Javier Limon!!

And to follow we move from Spain to France & to the Mighty Claude Francois who gives us a stirring rendition of, “Comme D’ Habitude” – Which of course he wrote, &, which became extremely famous after Paul Anka put an English Lyric to it & Frank Sinatra picked it up and made it His Own – We of course know it in the English Language Version as, “My Way”! There is also a new film out about the life of Msr Francois – It’s called ‘CloClo’, as he was know to his fans, &, is directed by Florent-Emilo Sir – Of course, Here at Monkey Towers we are always several steps Behind & we Have & Love an earlier Film about Msr Claude called ‘Podium’- It’s actually about a Guy called Bernard Fredric who impersonates Msr Francois & it’s a riot – But it is also in Flemish and French with no English Translation, &, I do think the wee shuffley thing & I sometimes miss some of the finer points of dialogue!!

More French next & C’est Chic, But this time it’s with Petula Clark & the Great, “Donne Moi”! & Msr Le Shuffle is really pulling out the Stops as next we get some more Serge Gainsbourgh with, “Des Vents Des Pets Des Poums” – Which is from his 1973 Album ‘Un De L’Exterieur’ – & for our Money it’s one of His Best!!

Some Brilliant SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER music now, with Change &, “The Very Best In You” – Terrrriffficc!! Which is followed by another Tom Moulton remix & this time it’s the turn of, Moment Of Truth &, “Love At First Sight” – Philly Re-Grooved!

Grover Washington Jr next with, “Things Are Getting Better” from his great 1983 Album, ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ – & the Title Track is also Storming, with Patti LaBelle on the Vocals! And Finally we have a Live version of, “Honky Tonk Women” by the New Barbarians – Which is Keith & Ronnie, with Bobby Keys on Tenor Sax & Stanley Clarke on Bass etc etc – & this is followed by a Glorious Finale from Led Zepplin &, “Rain Song” Awesome! So, Keep The Faith, Plant Your feet, Be Awesome & Keep It On Shuffle – Just Like Us!! 🙂

keepitonshuffle@whateversinmyhead – Blog 94 or Be Awesome – You, Me, He(r) – Coz You’ve Got/We’ve Got Soul!

Soul, Righteous Soul – Northern Soul, Philadelphia Soul, Nu Soul – Soul, Soul, Soul – & Pharoah Sanders who is opening up for us Today – has got Plenty of Soul, which is probably why the Mighty Soulful Shuffle Monkey chose this Slice of Soultastic Groove-ness – A ripping Version of Marvin Gaye’s, “Gotta To Give It Up”; Followed by another Jazz-Funk-Soul Great – Norman Connors with, “Black Cow”; & then the Mighty Gil Scott Heron & the Mighty Mighty, “Liberation Song” – We’re Definitely Cooking!!

GEAR CHANGE next & into The Jam, sort of – No, it’s Marmalade with, “Rainbow” – A great early 1070’s Poptastic Song with Crispin St Peters on lead vocals… ? Or have I just made that up? And then we slide into a Fabby slice of Northern Soul from Barbara Jean English singing, “I’m Living A Lie”!

The Rolling Stones are never far away when the Shuffle Monkey’s in Town & Today here they are with, “Ruby Tuesday”; followed by Genesis &, “Throwing It All Away” – A Good Tune & you can hear what influenced David Gray’s ‘Babalyon’! And then we are back into some Soul Ecstasy from Breakwater &, the Classic, “Say You Love Me Girl”!

Leroy Hutson next from his Album, ‘Closer To The Source’ & this track is, “In The Mood” – Fire in The Hold & Groove In The Heart – It’s Soul!! And Sandra St Little follow from the Album ‘ Josh Milan Present’s’ with a very tight New Groove called, “I Am Better”!

Pure Disco Funk next with Benny Golson &, “I’m Always Dancing To The Music” – & Yes we are Here at Shuffle Towers; which is followed by a Truly inspired choice from the wee shuffley thingy with Pete Shelly &, “Gee Baby” – We Don’t Care, We Just Love It, incurable Romantics that we are!  And then we Glide back into the Warm Embrace of some Hot-To-Trot Northern Soul & George Carrow sings for us, “Angel Baby”!

Bill Withers next with, “Lovely Day”; & this is followed by Led Zepplin & a mellow, “Tangerine”; & the we then Glide out with Two Slabs of Great Soul – Firstly a Northern Soul Dancer from Richard Temple, “That Beatin Rhythm” – & finally, the Detroit Spinners with, “Wake Up Susan” – So, Be Awesome, Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle – Till Next Time 🙂 – Blog 93 or Catch Philly Dave on

And thank you to all who are now following this Blog – So in Praise of You, Me & The MonkeyMsr Le Shuffle has pulled a Trio (no less) of Philadelphia International Record Tracks out of his Shuffle Sack – First up it’s Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes & the Kick-Ass, “The Love I Lost” – All 12.28 minutes of the Tom Moulton remix; Secondly come The Intruders with, “I’ll Always Love My Mamma”; & Third is the Mighty Robert Upchurch with, “The Devil Made Me Do It” – which again is a Tom (You’ve Been Busy) Moulton remix which Times out at a Blissful 10.35 minutes! But wait – The Monkey has only gone and found Carl bean in the Mix and it’s His Great Gay Anthem, “I Was Born This Way” – Praise Be, We’re Getting Down With The Philly Sound!! Everybody on the Floor, Now…

Can we keep this Groove going we wonder here at Shuffle Towers? – Well we’re moving out of Philadelphia waters, but this is another Awesome Track and a Great Dancer – Ron Banks post The Dramatics & the fabulous, “This Love Is Real”; & this is followed by some brilliant DISCO DISCHARGE with Marlena Shaw &, “Love Dancing” – Groo-oovy!!

Julio Iglesias jumps on our Band Wagon of Fabby-Wabby-Ness next with the lovely, “Por Un Poco De Tu Amor” – Which of course, Javier Bardem Karaoke-d to in the Bigas Lunas  film, ‘Golden Balls’; & this is Followed by a Righteous Slice of French Rap from Supreme NTM & Joey Starr entitled, “Qui Vent La Peau De Moi Crew” – Ain’t It! And Joey Starr has also branched out to Acting from the ‘Rapper First, Now I’m in The Movies, Ice Cube et al School of Drama High’ – But he’s actually rather good in the current French Flic, ‘Le Polisse’ – The Films not an easy Watch giving the Subject matter, But worth staying with nonetheless!!

And who better now to Annex, then take The Block back – Mai Oui, it’s that Righteous Gunslinger, Glen Campbell & he’s doing it with a Doozy – “Honey Come Back” – Sing Along Now – ‘Honey Come back I just Can’t Stand It, Each day’s A Little Bit Longer…’!! And Riding right behind him come The Faces with, “Open To Ideas” Rod Stewart & his chums have never been better!

Oooh – Some more Philly in the House now with Norman Harris & the Classic, “In Good Faith”; & this is followed by Giles Petersen delivering a knock-out Blow with the NYCC &, “I’ll Keep A Light In My Window”; & Finally Today – Two More Goodies, But of Course – First, Glenn Frey (post The Eagles) & the absolutely marvellous, “Sexy Girl” – Go Listen! And to close for us is Gemma Genazzano with the Funky-Jazzy Gem, “Show Me Who You Are” – Right On! So – Be Awesome, Keep The Faith, Fill Your Boots & Plant Your Feet, &, The Monkey & I Will Keep It On Shuffle – SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER 🙂



keepitonshuffle@whateversinmyhead – Blog 92 – Or, It’s Christmas!

No, of course it’s Not, but the Shuffle Monkey watches neither the Clock, nor has his Piqued Eye on the Calendar – & for our First Track Today we get a Righteous Slice of Kurtis Blow & “Christmas Rappin” – Ho, Ho, Ho!! And this is speedily followed on the Mother of all Sledges drawn by a Team of Hungry Huskies – Yes, Zucchero – I know you were ahead of us & Here he is serenading us with, “Quonti Anni Ho” – & Ho, Ho, Ho again, &, this comes from His, ‘Live In Italy’ Album!!

Elastica spring-up and into place next with, “2:1” – Justine liked to keep her song titles Numerical, like her Boyfriend of the time – Blur’s Damien Albarn – & this is followed by the completely marvellous and certainly under-rated Swing Out Sister – the Shuffle Monkey & I commend them to you, The Jury – & Go and check out this Track, “Something Every Day”; Whilst David Bowie – Yet again, Swings by Next with, “Boys Keep Swinging” – Which catapulted him into the 1980’s and just pre-dates his next phase after Berlin etc – ‘The Serious Moonlight’ Era! And Clare Teal closes this segment with, “One More” – Try it, One More Dip In The Ocean, One More Fish In The Sea… Happy Music!!

Some Bionic Boogie to follow next with, “Dance Little Dreamer (12″ Extended)” – Extended what, we Don’t know?? And then we have Teddy Pendergrass singing as part of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes from about – 1974? – & what a Track, “Be For Real” – & this version is All 7.31 Glorious Divine Minutes…; Whilst Linda Clifford (who was married to Curtis Mayfield) Blows us away with the Track, “With You”!

Next up is not only a Great song writer, but also not a Bad Singer either – Lamont Dozier & he provides us with one of his own compositions – “It’s The Same Old Song” – You Know It! And to Follow we go on a Moon Safari with Air as, “Kelly Watch(es) The Stars”!! That leads into Rod ‘The Mod’ Stewart who is back in the House with the Majestic, “Handbags & Gladrags”; & up on the fence comes the Original of, “Summer The First Time” by Bobby Goldsboro – This takes me right back to 1974 & Pauline from Letchworth – Which I don’t believe has a Public House in it’s boundary? – Well, it didn’t, but that’s no excuse – there are always Board Games!

And Blue Magic are now, “Chasing Rainbows”; Whilst Wilbert Longmire ups’ the ante further with his version of the Classic, “Loves Holiday” – written by Skip Scarbrough – & Earth Wind & Fire do a Great Vocal version – but this version by Mr Longmire however is a Great Jazz-er; & Keeping in the Jazz Groove the Mighty, Mighty Mark Murphy follows with, “Love Is What Stays” – A voice Aged in Life & Love – Love Found, Love Lost, Just Love & the Price We Pay!

David Bowie hits us again now – It’s very early Bowie though with, “The Laughing Gnome” – &, well, You’ve just got to Laugh, Haven’t You – & he is sounding not unlike a Young Anthony Newley – But then again we know that – Coz We/You Are In The Know – & Once Upon A Once Upon A Time, I used to have a version of both this Track &, ‘Love You To Tuesday’ in German – But that was on Cassette!! It was a Miracle of course we survived such a Dark Age- but the Monkey & Me believe in Miracles and here’s a great song to Proove it – the Jackson Sisters &, “I Believe In Miracles” – Classic & Class!! And this brings us to our last Track Today picked by the Shuffle Meister & Yes, It’s The Mighty, Mighty, Mighty George Benson – Who I believe is Touring again Soon – & this is one of his more recent cuts, “Show Me The Love” – From The Album, ”Songs & Stories’ – So, Keep The Faith, Keep It Real, Be Awesome & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle, Promise! 🙂 – Blog 91 or Every Folk Song Is Religious!

Religious, in the sense that the Song is concerned about the Origins, Ends & deepest Manifestations of Life, as experienced by some more or less unified Community – Well that’s the Monkey & my Thesis – &, to kick us off today are the Mighty Fairport Convention with, “The Ballad Of The Easy Rider”; Quickly followed by Bowie with, “Cracked Actor” from the ‘Aladdin Zane’ Album – Yowzah!

And also from 1973, Msr Gainsbourgh, Mai Oui it’s Serge with, “Par Hasard Et Pas Rase” from the Album, ‘Vu De L’Exterieur’ – There’s some truly great songs on the Album & I’d go get it if I was You – Amazon have it for £5.85 – &, of course, Other Vendors may also be able to Supply! And this is followed by a move from the Sublime to the Sublimer, so well done Msr Le Shuffle – Coz he’s only gone and pulled Brotherhood of Man out of the Shuffle again with the great, “Oh Boy (The Mood I’m In)” – the Wee Rascal; But Hep-Up, what a way to atone, because this super little shuffley Mixicologist throws down & ‘Into the mix’ Young Holt Unlimited with, “Yes We Can” & there is some Mighty Righteous Blowing on this Funky-Jazz-Soul Wig-out for sure, my Mateys!!

A Fantastic GEAR CHANGE follows and The Monkey is ro-ro-rolling as we move to Italy & Giorgia who is singing, “Epoi” – Fabby! And next we shoot over to Jamaica and some Soul-Soulful Reggae from the Mighty Trojan label & Inner Circle give us a blissed-out version of the Chi-Lites, “Homely Girl”! Then it’s back to Philadelphia next & another Fantastic Tom Moulton Remix from the Fabby-Dabby-Do Philly Groove Orchestra &, “Let Us Entertain You” – With I’m Pretty Sure, members of the Three Degrees doing the vocal bits – & I must say Shuffle Monkey it’s a pleasure to be with you in the same Room with this all Going Off!! And we slide into a Great Far Out Bossa Track to conclude this segment with Joyce & Dori Caymmi singing, “Rio Bahia” – Beach, Beach, We’re On The Beach!!

Country & Western Time again next with the Mighty Alan Jackson &, “Who’s Cheating Who”; & this is followed by a Brilliant Double Body Swerve from the Shuffle Meister with firstly Dr Feelgood &, “Roxette” – Punk from Canvey Island! And then we catch the Biddu Orchestra going at it like it’s 1978 again, Real SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER stuff and they are cutting it up with, “The Stud” – Remember the Film? Fur Coat & No… Oh Yes, You Awesome Monkey it’s, “Rocks Off” with Primal Scream!!

Next a New game we could play – Guess a US President’s Favourite Song? Well this is a Sitter & you get two-for-the-price-of-one President(s) with this track from Mustique &, “In The Bush” I Like To Do It, Do It, In The Bush, Bush, Bush Bush Bush – & It’s got me Dancing Too! And Finally Today another Classic Disco Track from one of the Euro Disco Queens’ – Amanda Lear – Model, Chantuese, Former girlfriend of Bryan Ferry – Giving it Large with, “Blood & Honey” – So, Keep The Faith, Be Awesome, &, Me & The Monkey will Keep It On Shuffle 🙂