– Blog 121 Or Stiggy-Poo Wasn’t Fussy! – Blog 121 Or Stiggy-Poo Wasn’t Fussy!.

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And Jarvis Cocker slams us against the wall with the Monkey’s first track out of the gate Today called, “Further Complications”; which is then followed by, “Daughter” from Loudin Wainwright; & to Follow that comes some Double Barralled Blues from Brother Jack McDuff & this track is called, “Untitled Blues” – But, of course!

The fabulous Four Tops next with, “I Can’t help Myself”; & then some more Blues shuggles along with a bit of a swing to its’ Hip from The Steeldrivers with, “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” – Ah Yes, It’s done for many of us, has Love!! And then we get a proper slice of Pop-tastic Disco from Ms Le Shuffle with The Whispers going the Full Nine Yards on, “And The Beat Goes On”!

Randy Crawford bows in now with the Smooth Jazz vocal of, “Rio De Janerio Blue”; & this is followed by Bob Marley with, Mr Brown” – There’s a DVD now out about Mr Marley Directed by Kevin McDonald & it’s well worth catching – But you also want to check this track out – Its’ from the early years and it’s a lot harder than some of the later, lighter Reggae stuff – & if You were a Chap at the time you’d be wearing your Two Tone Sta Press trousers, button down Ben Sherman, Thatched Tassel Loafers & Crombie, &, be getting down to it! And if you were a Chapette – Well, Two Tone A Line dress for you, with your Fred Perry Tennis Shoes and Crombie with a Red Hanky in the Top Pocket – Righteous!!

Dalida shimmers in next with, “Bambino”; & then a truly truly marvelous track from Barbra Striesand which was also, of course, brilliantly done by Dusty Springfield on Her Ground breaking ‘Dusty In Memphis’ Album, &, the Track’s called, “Just A Little Loving” – early In The Morning, Oh Yeah!! And then we slide into some pulsating Luxury Soul with a Jazzy Vibe courtesy of Bobby Lyle &, “Good Inside”; And Finally Today, Mr Paul Weller with, “Wake The Nation” – So, Keep The Faith – Be Awesome – Stiggy-Poo, the Monkey & Me will continue to Keep It On Shuffle ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 119 Or La Madrugada!

The Spanish dedicate so much of their lives to enjoying themselves that a word actually exists to describe the span of time between Midnight and 6AM, when ordinary European mortals are safely tucked up in Bed – ‘La Magrugada’ – The Hours before Dawn, who as we know because Homer tells us, “Comes early with rosy fingers’ – & the Shuffle Monkey starts us off Today with a Track from Prevet – who represented Spain in Eurovision in the 1970’s – & it’s rather Lovely and called, “Que Voy A Hacer”; Which in turn is followed by some Down Home Soul from Darrow Fletcher singing, “Hope For Love”; & then a more Contemp slice of Soul Sauce from Kuh Ledesma with, “Dreaming” – A Great Start!

Michael Jackson whips up a Frenzy next with a Track off His Album ‘Thriller’ called, “Wanna Be Starting Something”; Which is followed by a Mighty Fine Norther Soul Golden Double Header with firstly The Dells &, “There Is”; & secondly, Tami Lynn with the Great, “I’m Gonna Run Away From You” – Keep The faith!!

Van Morrison then Trips in with a Studio Version of, “These Dreams Of You”; Which then leads into a great track from Khemistry called, “I Can’t Loose With The Stuff” – & they used to have a Great Set – Get It? No, Ok, but Saturday Night Forever!! And then we fall into the Fluffy Pillow of Nancy Wilson singing, “The Other Side Of The Storm”!

GEAR CHANGE now with The Who and, “Magic Bus” – Our Bus to Wolverhampton, in fact! & Chairman Of The Board follow with a Blistering, “Finders Keepers”; And another GEAR CHANGE follows that takes us into some great Jazz from Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle with, “A Sleeping Bee”!

We Rock Out next as Jimi Hendrix powers through with a Double Blistering, “Purple Haze” – off his Album ‘Voodoo Child’; & another GEAR CHANGE as we slip into the sweetness of the Love Affair &, “So Sorry”; & Our Final Track Today takes us right into Club Land & the Shuffle Monkey’s certainly been mixing His Genres as Olive belts out, “You’re Not Alone” – Very Ministry of Sound – So, Keep The Faith, Be awesome & Keep It On Shuffle, Until Next Time ๐Ÿ™‚ – Blog 118 Or Peaches, Where’s The Cream?

As the Shuffle Monkey & I ‘Fall upwards into the night’ – A line from a Don Marquis Poem, no less, describing – Intoxication – Well, we are certainly a little typsy what with our First Track today coming from our Great Chums The Bee Gees & they’re singing their Classic Weepie, “I’ve Just Gotta Get A message To You”!

Iggy Popp next with, “Nice To Be Dead” – which comes from His 2009 Album, ‘Preliminaries’! Followed by a GEAR CHANGE which slides us into the open arms of Petula Clark with, “Who AM I” – Great Stuff; & then we Have some Alabama Shakes with, “Boys & Girls”‘ which is followed into the Driftwood by the great, “I Fell In Love With An Air Hostess” by Clifford T Ward – Awesome!

The Classic Track – “Didn’t We” leads us into the next Segment of Tunes from Msr le Shuffle & on this occasion it’s an instrumental version from Acker Bilk; & then we have some very early EW&F with, “They Don’t See” – Which has got to come from around 1971 and is off their Album, ‘Last Days & Time’; & this is followed by Leonard Cohen with, “Death Of A Ladiesman” – Off His Great Album of the same name!! And this leads into a Live version of, “Domino” from Van Morrison – & this, of course, comes from the 1973 ‘Too Late To Stop Now’ LP!

Some Soul Now with a Capital ‘S’ from the Shuffle Meister with the great Five Stairsteps & the Totally uplifting, “O-O-H Child”; & Jack Jones follows with. “The Summer Knows” – Well, the Schools are back in Scotland & Autumn is just around the Bend, but How can we resistย  the words, ‘Just One More Caress, Before You Take Off Your Summer Dress” – Thank you Jack for what ‘Oft Was Thought, But Ne’er So Well Expressed’ – & Thanks to Alexandra Pope as well, but enough of this Autumn stuff, Already!

Moving towards the end we have firstly from Brasil Sabrina Malherios with, “Sem Pressa”; Then Sado Watanabe from Japan with the Tres Elegant and Sophisticated Supper Club Jazz of, “My Romance”; Then the Shuffle Monkey plays for us what I think is the First Showing from the Mix for Roy Harper with Today, “Green Man” – Very Merry England – Fecund, Fertile – Country roads – Sleepy Rivers – Overgrown Rail way Embankments; Then we have & just as English, but from the Suburbs, The Who with, “I’m Free”; & for the penultimate song Today we have an Absolute Soul Gem from The Winstons &, “Colour Him Father”; & Last but not least for Blog 118 it’s the Wonderful ย Julio Iglesias with, “Un Canto A Galicia” – So, Be awesome, Keep The Faith & Keep It On Shuffle ๐Ÿ™‚