A Merry Merry Christmas from the Shuffle Monkey & His Chum – Keepitonshuffle@whateversinmyhead.com

Who should drop by Today, but the Shuffle Monkey & His Chum – The Cat in the Red Hat – The Wee Shuffley Thing says they are both Very Very Busy – I said, I Bet, &, that we were Still ‘Keeping it on the Good Foot’ & The Right Side of the Beat – The Cat in The Red Hat said ‘Pass The Peas’ – I said ‘Big Blow’ – We All then said, Yo Ho Ho, ‘Christmas Wrapping’ – Amazing what a Drop of Sherry can Do, particularly if taken with an Oxymoron! Not too Dry though 🙂

I also told the Shuffle Meister that we had lots of New Chums All keepingitonshuffle @Desfume & while he was here He dropped us a Few Tunes for Old Times Sake, starting with Judy Garland & ‘Zing Went The strings Of My Heart’; Folllowed by The Rolling Stones with, ‘Sweet Virgina’; Then a Little Un Francais & Jacques Dutronc giving it some Welly with, ‘Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi’; & Finally a rocking Sunstreet &, ‘Lovin’ – Then He & the Fella in Red went South to the Sound of bells and much Commotion.

Be Awesome Y’All This Christmas, in 2013 & Beyond – & Who Knows The Shuffle Monkey just might pop around again Soon!!