– Blog 120 Or Sherry, Baby?

Let the Ballet commence &, we’re straight into the Booty Today, Bless The Monkey as he hits the Spot with a Top-notch Slice of Northern Soul from Sharon Scott telling us she’s, “(Putting My Heart Under) Lock & Key” – Bit drastic says Msr Le Shuffle, we’ve only just met – & I think He’s wondering whether He’s got himself into another one of the those 50 Shade of Something situations – Put a Call out for Silver Command, &, don’t go into the Red Room! But behind Sharon come our Great Pals Ashford & Simpson with the lovely, “Aint That Good Enough” – Which is Brilliant; & Third in Today are The Isley Brothers with, “Caravan Of Love”!

Melisa Morgan presents us with a Bit of an Ultimatum Next with, “Now Or Never” – OK Melisa, So Impatient! And then Sparks (Ron and the other one) Hit us with another Epic – “Amateur Hour” & I must say you can forget how Rock n’ Roll they Could Be – & what a Guitar Outro!! And this is followed by The Boss – Mr Springsteen with, “Because The Night” – Which of course He Wrote, but with which, of course, Patti Smith had the Original Hit!

Now, who remembers ‘Pebble Mill At One’? No one… Anyway, this next Group Five Star used to appear on the Sound Stage in Birmingham pretty regularly in the 1980’s and the Shuffle Monkey & I think that they originally came to prominence through ‘Opportunity Knocks’ – although we might just be making that up?? Anyway they were a solid British R&B Brother & Sister group from the West Midlands – Neighbours of Lenny Henry, We Lie, & We seem to remember there were five of them to boot and they had a few Hits including, “Strong As Steel”; & following this is the French Chanteuse Sheila with, “Chante Chante Chante” – So, clearly she’s got something to Sing about! And then we have the majestic swaggering of The Rolling Stones with a live version of, “Jumping Jack Flash” – from their ‘Some Girls’ Tour in 1978 – & Boy does this Go like a Greyhound on Heat!!

We then have the marvelous Regina Belle with the wonderfully slushy lovely, “Make It Like It Was” – Which always reminds me of a Norwegian Girl I knew many many years ago – Annette G – Typically Blonde, Delightfully Delightful, &, as Mad as a Box of Spanners! And this great Track (& memory) is followed by Chris Rea with, “Till I Find My True Love’s Name” – Which comes from the Epic Blue Guitar Project, which he did a few years ago and where he sourced then played every original instrument across a range of musical styles and idioms that added up to a +14 CD cannon covering everything from 1930’s Blues, to Motown, Chicago Blues to Celtic Soul and a range of stuff in between, including authentic Cajun music – Really Awesome Stuff – & this particular track is from the Celtic Soul CD!

And finally today we firstly have some Great Philly Soul from Archie Bell & The Drells with, “Where Will You Go When The Party’s Over”; Then we have Willie Nelson & Paul Simon with a Live version of Simon & Garfunkel’s, “Homeward Bound” – A Great Song and brilliantly done by the unusual pairing; & Last But Not Least Willie Hutch with, “Your Love Has Made A Man Of Me” – or A Monkey, in the Monkey’s case, of course – So, Be Awesome, Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle!! 🙂


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