– Blog 128 & A Little Reminder About What We’re About!

I now have over 11,500 tracks & rising, loaded onto my iPlayer.
Each carefully chosen. That’s now nearly 35 Days of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Disco, Country, Power Ballads, Northern Soul, Philadelphia Soul, Nu Soul, Classic Rock, R&B, Rap, Pop, Punk, New Romantic, Old Romantic, & Just Plain Romantic, Ska & Lover’s Rock & Rare Groove to name just a few of the genres covered – spanning The 1930’s through to Today & drawn from All Four Corners of the Globe. It’s an eclectic, quirky, populist & inspiring Mix that’s ripe for a Mash-up in the capable hands of the Shuffle Monkey!

So, let’s press Shuffle to set the wee shuffley thing going and see whether today’s journey will strike a chord with “Whatever’s In My Head & Your Head”!

Of course, the journey’s not just about the music, but the order in which the tracks randomly play and their Juxtaposition, &, just like Proust’s “Madelienes”, it’s the memories and the remembrances they inspire – The very Soul & Essence of the Human Condition and Spirit.

As an adjunct then to whatever else you may do, I hope this will inspire you to go and search out and listen to today’s tracks through whatever medium you can when I list them in the order they play as part of an almost Daily Blog.

Do so in the same order because that is where the real surprise and the real delight will be – right there in that change between one type of music, mood & tempo to another. Go with the flow and let that track that comes right out of left field catch you and put you right back in a moment when… And maybe you’ll even get introduced and hooked onto some new new, or some new old stuff that you hadn’t heard before and will now wonder from here on in, “How did I ever live without’!!

Happy traveling on your “Whatever’s In My Head” journey & if you “Keep the Faith”, The Monkey & I will Certainly “Keep It On Shuffle” – Saturday Night Forever, Oh Yeah!

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