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Paul you didn't!

Art Gentry kicks us off Today with the Stupendous Slab of Modern Soul, the Masterpiece that is, “This Is My Chance” – & He (for it is a He) sounds not unlike Millie Jackson or Ty Karim on this great Track, which is No Bad Thing & He’s definitely Taking It!; And then we fall straight into a Live piano driven version of, “Do Nothing Until You Hear From Me” by Andy Williams no less & it’s Gooood! Which is followed by one of James Brown’s Funky People – Myra Barnes aka Vicky Anderson, with a righteously storming, “Super Good (Parts 1&2)” – Oh YEAH!; & then we have a taste of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ from Les Reed with, “Girl On A Motorcycle” & The Monkey’s come over all Goddard, Bless!

Some Storming SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER music next with Thelma Huston &, “I’m Here Again”; followed by The Smiths with, “Panic”; which then melds into a Poptastic piece of 1970’s Chart Action from Dollar – Remember David Van… & the Girl who wasn’t in Bucks Fizz – & what are they doing naming themselves after a village in Fife, who knows, who cares – Coz what a Song, “Give Me Back My Heart” – It’s right up there; & following this is a Mighty Double with firstly the Great Elmore James with, “Dust My Blues” – A great influence on Jagger & Richards in the Stones’ early years; & then the Sex Pistols with, “Anarchy” – It’s The Only Way To Be – & surprisingly quite Tuneful after all these years – Perhaps we’ve All Mellowed un Peau!! And what a Combo of tracks from the wee shuffly thing – You couldn’t make that Mash-up Up, in your Wildest Dreams – & we do have some Pretty Wild ones here at Shuffle Towers!!

A bit of House now from Black Magic &, “Let It Go (Ken Lou Mix)”; & then we have Charles Aznavour doing a Two-Step with Frank Sinatra on, “You Make Me Feel So Young”; & then a Fantastic Jazzed-up but slowed-down vocal take on that Giant Tune, “Crazy” from Papik; followed by the inimitable Nina Simone singing the Chip Taylor classic, “Angel Of The Morning” – & we have a version of this in the Mix by Chip himself and an unknown female companion which he recorded for a local BBC station a few years back! The One in Norfolk in fact, with a certain Mr Partridge on the Decks – We kid you not!!

Utopia storm the Barricades now, led of course by Todd Rundgren & with one of the Shuffle Monkey’s & mine Favs – The formidable, “Love Is The Answer” – Which of course is the Original version – Not, the one by England Dan & John…; & then a recherche Moi to the early 1970’s and Marmalade are, “Falling Apart At The Seams” – Brilliant!

And finally Today a Great Sunday Soul track from Mac Davis, “I’m Just In Love”; followed by a rare visit from The Joneses with, “Win Your Love” – And you can now see and hear the 6mins33secs version of “Sugar Pie Guy” on @youtube now – released by Modern Soul Records; & then Professor Green blasts us up with, “I Need You Tonight” – What a Great updating of that Track; & lastly, “Candy Says” from The Velvet Underground – Marvelous Stuff as usual from the Shuffle Meister – So Continue Being Awesome, Keeping The Faith & We’ll Be Keeping It On Shuffle… OH YEAH! OH YEAH! & Follow us on Twitter @desfume 🙂


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We’ve heard it before, but can we ever Hear Rod Stewart singing “Handbags & Gladrags” enough? We have other versions in the Mix, including an earlier version of this Mike D’Abbo Classic by Chris Farlowe, &, That’s great too – But Rod’s Version Cuts right through to the Chase – & as for The Stereophonics cover… well, enough said, or rather less said, eh??

Now some French C’est Chic from around the same time as Rod was first singing H&G & today we have Louise Cordet singing a wonderful, “L’Amour Tourne En Rond” – Mai Oui! And next a GEAR CHANGE into Classic DISCO with CHIC & a rather beautiful instrumental by them which shows another side of Niles Rodgers & the Crew, “Sao Paulo” – I don’t know about you, but after hearing this again I rather fancy Boarding a Plane to anywhere with a Beach & a supporting Climate – Let’s Go! David Soul follows with his Big Hit from 1976, “Don’t Give Up On Us Baby” – There was Another, can you Name It? And this so reminds me of 1st Fixing on an Industrial Unit in Hadleigh Road, Ipswich on a Freezing Christmas Eve in ’76 – Oh what we did to earn a bit of money when we were young – Very Young!!; A Brilliant GEAR CHANGE now with Pitingo singing a Great Flamenco re-working of, “Killing Me Softly With His Song (Mutame Sauvemente Con Tu Concion)” – Hola & I’m Off On That Plane! Next, Bim Bam Bom & we’re Up and into the 1980’s with our Little Hot Tub iPlayer Machine – The Decade that Style Forgot but it did give us some Good Music – & Today we have the Human League & a Plaintive and Heartfelt, “Human” – They never did do the follow-up though, ‘League’ – Still Gaz Lighters in the Air Please and Mind that over-lacquered Hair matey with the Eye Liner!; And Well Now we’re Cooking and into Deep Soul with Al Green blowing us away with, “I’m Glad You’re Mine” – Go Find This, Hunt It Down, You All!; & Finally today a True Masterpiece of Modern Soul – Art Gentry singing the very very Beautiful, “This Is My Chance” – Check It Out & Keep The Faith – Whilst I Keep It On Shuffle for More Like This & That! 😉