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Paul you didn't!

Art Gentry kicks us off Today with the Stupendous Slab of Modern Soul, the Masterpiece that is, “This Is My Chance” – & He (for it is a He) sounds not unlike Millie Jackson or Ty Karim on this great Track, which is No Bad Thing & He’s definitely Taking It!; And then we fall straight into a Live piano driven version of, “Do Nothing Until You Hear From Me” by Andy Williams no less & it’s Gooood! Which is followed by one of James Brown’s Funky People – Myra Barnes aka Vicky Anderson, with a righteously storming, “Super Good (Parts 1&2)” – Oh YEAH!; & then we have a taste of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ from Les Reed with, “Girl On A Motorcycle” & The Monkey’s come over all Goddard, Bless!

Some Storming SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER music next with Thelma Huston &, “I’m Here Again”; followed by The Smiths with, “Panic”; which then melds into a Poptastic piece of 1970’s Chart Action from Dollar – Remember David Van… & the Girl who wasn’t in Bucks Fizz – & what are they doing naming themselves after a village in Fife, who knows, who cares – Coz what a Song, “Give Me Back My Heart” – It’s right up there; & following this is a Mighty Double with firstly the Great Elmore James with, “Dust My Blues” – A great influence on Jagger & Richards in the Stones’ early years; & then the Sex Pistols with, “Anarchy” – It’s The Only Way To Be – & surprisingly quite Tuneful after all these years – Perhaps we’ve All Mellowed un Peau!! And what a Combo of tracks from the wee shuffly thing – You couldn’t make that Mash-up Up, in your Wildest Dreams – & we do have some Pretty Wild ones here at Shuffle Towers!!

A bit of House now from Black Magic &, “Let It Go (Ken Lou Mix)”; & then we have Charles Aznavour doing a Two-Step with Frank Sinatra on, “You Make Me Feel So Young”; & then a Fantastic Jazzed-up but slowed-down vocal take on that Giant Tune, “Crazy” from Papik; followed by the inimitable Nina Simone singing the Chip Taylor classic, “Angel Of The Morning” – & we have a version of this in the Mix by Chip himself and an unknown female companion which he recorded for a local BBC station a few years back! The One in Norfolk in fact, with a certain Mr Partridge on the Decks – We kid you not!!

Utopia storm the Barricades now, led of course by Todd Rundgren & with one of the Shuffle Monkey’s & mine Favs – The formidable, “Love Is The Answer” – Which of course is the Original version – Not, the one by England Dan & John…; & then a recherche Moi to the early 1970’s and Marmalade are, “Falling Apart At The Seams” – Brilliant!

And finally Today a Great Sunday Soul track from Mac Davis, “I’m Just In Love”; followed by a rare visit from The Joneses with, “Win Your Love” – And you can now see and hear the 6mins33secs version of “Sugar Pie Guy” on @youtube now – released by Modern Soul Records; & then Professor Green blasts us up with, “I Need You Tonight” – What a Great updating of that Track; & lastly, “Candy Says” from The Velvet Underground – Marvelous Stuff as usual from the Shuffle Meister – So Continue Being Awesome, Keeping The Faith & We’ll Be Keeping It On Shuffle… OH YEAH! OH YEAH! & Follow us on Twitter @desfume 🙂


Advertisements – Blog 85 or As Lord Rutherford Used To Say, If You Can’t Explain Your Physics To A Waiter, It’s Bad Physics!

Today though the Shuffle Monkey – The inspired Alchemist that he is, although he  has no concept of Pre-Destination – But that’s another Story my Snuggly Chums – Has moved beyond mere Corpreal Bounds and goes even beyond the Scientific to Flirt dangerously close to Metaphysics, as with Sheer Magic He starts our Journey with Two great Jazzy numbers from Two great Jazz Vocalists – Firstly, Gregory Porter with, “Pretty” – &, Secondly, Charlie Wilson &, “You Are” – Formidable!

We then slide very easily with the next Offering into some tasty Jazz Funk from the Virtuoso Papik &, “The Rhythm Of Life”; Followed by a Marvelous GEAR CHANGE from the Wee Shuffly Thing as Bobby Bare rides Bare Back into Town, A Hooting & A Tooting with, “Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goal Posts Of Life” – I know we’ve had this before, but it’s All at Msr Le Shuffle’s Discretion – His Random Master Plan – & there’s another Paradox – Or is it a Conundrum? Anyway, who amongst us can resist the Line – ‘I’ve Got The Will, If You’ve Got The Toe!’ – Inspired Words & Sheer Poetry Mr Bare- Back, Magic!

Frank Sinatra is back in the House now with a great Classic, “Strangers In The Night”; Followed by Julianna Aquino singing a Disco Classic, “I Will Survive” from the Album ‘Disco Bossa’ – & The Title Says It All! And lastly in this Segment, is the former Eurovision Song from CoCo “Bad Old Days”!! He Don’t Half Pick ‘Em!!

Randy Crawford comes next with a Re-Cut version of, ‘Street Life” – Which Ups the Beat Count and Cranks the Jazzy stuff up even Further! And the marvelous Charles Aznavour follows with, “Il Y’Avait” – from his excellent Album of Collaborations, ‘Hier Encore’!

Some Fantastic FADO follows with Cesaria Evora singing, “Mam ‘Bia E So M”; Followed by a Shuffle Monkey GEAR CHANGE of Supreme Wonderfulness & some great Salsoul as Loleatta Holloway sings, “That’s What You Said” – Let’s Dance! And then to play us out today, Two Corkers with Firstly – Tina Turner &, “River Deep, Mountain High”; & Lastly The Foundations with the Ubiquitous, “Build Me Up Buttercup” – Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 56 or My Mistakes Are No Worse Than Yours Just Because I’m A Woman!

Firstly, A Big Welcome to All new Followers & there is No Need to Stand on Ceremony – Just Dive Right In – Do though when you get a moment take a look at some of the Earlier Blogs to get a real feel for what We’re about and what We’re Slowly Building – & Everything should be a Quick, but a Fun Read!

And, So Today – What a Great way to Kick-off, with the Great Dolly Parton giving us one of her Best, “Just Because I’m A Woman– Yes, Her – Not Me!!; Next up is Adele again with, “Make You Feel My Love” – Nuff Said & On We Move, But A theme is Clearly emerging from the random construct that is Msr Le Shuffle…?; And to Follow, if not to prove my point – sort of – it’s Barbara Mason with,“Give Me Your Love” – What does the Shuffle Monkey have in mind?; Next is an absolutely humungiously great Soul Track – Gritty Vocals, Spine Tingling – You Must Check this out by Janice singing, “love On The Line” – Great, Great, Great & even More Great, Oh Yeah! A cut from Sugar Hill Street Soul follows with Reggie Griffin singing, “I Whisper (In Your Ear)” – All Right Mate, We Hear You!; We move back to France next – but the theme continues with Michelle Torr &, “Emmene-Moi Dan Ser Ce Soir” – As Long As It’s Legal I Say, Oh Yeah!; & From France we now bound across the Alasce with Impunity & dive straight down into Italy – Tres Continental, But that’s Msr Le Shuffle for you & he gives us Paulo Conte with, “Elegia” – Chips, Chips, Chips; Stephen Bishop follows and you know I have a Soft Spot for ‘The Bish’ & this is a fantastic track, “It Might Be You” – Which if my memory serves me right (& that can’t always be Guaranteed) is from the Film, Tootsie – aah!; Whoops – About Turn and Back to France, You Impetuous Little Monkey – But It’s a French Institution no less, Le Grande Charles Aznavour singing a stunning Duet, “Quand Tu M’Aimes” from ‘Hier Encore’; A right proper Gear Change now follows my Lovelies, with those Likely Lads – Scouting For Girls & here singing an irrepressible celebration of Casual Sex and What Comes Next, “1 + 1” – The Folly of Youth when everything seems possible! And finally today, a Thumpingly Funky, “Brick House” from a very Tight Commodores circa 1974 – & Do You Know who was playing the Drums on this – I Bet the Beat Collector does – Yep, Lionel Ritchie!! Keep the Faith you all & I’ll Keep it on Shuffle – & that’s A Promise! 😉