The Shuffle Monkey’s Choosing, So Let’s Dance & Say Hello Bluey!

cally & matts wedding 16th august 102

Yes – The Shuffle Monkey is Back and back doing what he does best, Oh Yes – & rather like good old Adonais of whom Percy Bysshe Shelly wrote on hearing of the death of John Keats in 1821 – “Peace, peace! he is not dead, he doth not sleep – He hath awakened from the dream of life” – That’s the good Shuffle meister for you!

So, as it’s been a while what’s this Blog about? Quite simply, it’s about Keeping The Faith for All Good Music and Letting The Shuffle do it’s thing!
The Shuffle Monkey & I now have over 12,600+ tracks loaded onto the iPlayer & available to us wherever & whenever (internet connection willing) via iCloud – Do we feel liberated? Do we feel powerful? No, but we sure do feel funky!!

And the numbers of tracks grows every day! Each carefully chosen from our funky and soulful past & they all mean something to the monkey & I.

Plus 12,600 adds up to over 35 Days of pure continuous listening pleasure if you were to do it in a Oner! But that’s not the name of the game Here – Every time we KeepItOnShuffle it’s a capture of the Dozen or so Tracks which Msr Le Shuffle randomly picks out of His little Bag & it sure is an eclectic Mix – Anything can and does pop-up & it’s Personal, Quirky, Inspiring…?

Certainly judging by many of the comments received over the past wee while from right across the World too, all of you seem to have found this an interesting Trip and the whole idea rather Inspiring!! That’s great and Thank You. We’ll certainly keep doing it now & for a little while longer to boot!

So, let’s press Shuffle and see whether today’s journey will strike a chord! Of course, as I’ve said before, the journey’s not just about the music, but the order in which the tracks play and we don’t edit or play around with that, just record in real time: &, just like Proust’s “Madelienes”, it’s the memories and the remembrances they invoke and indeed, what they inspire! The very essence of the Human Condition.

As an adjunct then to whatever else you may do, I hope this will continue to inspire you to go and search out and listen to today’s tracks when the Monkey & I list them in the order they play as part of this Blog. Do so in the same order because that is where the real surprise and the real delight will be – right there in that change between one type of music, mood & tempo and another. Go with the flow and let that track that comes right out of left field catch you and put you right back in a moment when… !

And I also hope you continue to enjoy some of the stories and memories they invoke for me as well!!

Happy travelling on your “Whatever’s In My Head” journey & remember, Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle!

And Yes Today we take the Train – Well it sometimes beats the Bus? – as Gladys Knight kicks us off again Today with the Classic, “Midnight Train To Georgia” – Such Soul, Such Passion, A Story – The Whole World in the Lyrics of a Simple Love Song!; And this is quickly followed by a veritable Steam Train of a GEAR CHANGE with Iggy Pop & The Stooges and they Pound us into submission – Willing Submission – with, “Search & Destroy” – Essential!

An interesting Bowie link – & Look out for a great recent Publication of some brilliant Photographs of Sir Bowie from the 70’s – Anyway, this connects Lou Reed to Mott The Hoople who play for us, “Sweet Jane” – & didn’t Bowie produce Albums for each of these artists as well as playing Sax & doing Backing Vocals etc on at least 2-of-the-3 – if not all 3? i.e. Lou, Iggy & Mott.

And this is followed as only the Shuffle Monkey knows how with Stephen (Tin Tin) Duffy &, “Kiss Me” – He was out of Duran Duran by then; & Msr Le Shuffle switches to Spain – & that is why we love him – Coz here is Malu with, “Caminante Nocturno” – & yes me and the Monkey have seen Malu in a packed Placa Mayor in Madrid – Oh Yeah. & light up the Marlborough!

Ooh – Some other sort of stuff now – with first, The Force &, “Rock Your Baby (12″ Version)” – Completely utterly right there circa 1977-8 DISCO – This is Chris Hills et al – Lacy Lady, The Copford Windmill, Tracy’s...; & this is followed by an ultra Jazz Funk Groove with Eddie Henderson &, “Prance On” – The Disco Monkey is spoiling us!!
GEAR CHANGE again though next as Hotlegs pulsate into view with an early – 1971? track – “Neanderthal Man” – Now Hotlegs were basically Godley & Creme who went on to form the nucleus of 10CC (It might have been the other two though… ? Stewart & ?) – Anyway, I know, If I was referring to notes and did my research it would be interesting – But where’s the fun in that!! 10CC took their name of course from – Yes, You Know – The average amount of Ejaculated Seamen – Now I don’t know about you, but Glass in Hand, who goes about measuring that?? And I’ve seen ‘There’s Something About Mary’ & Well, there’s more then 10 ml in Cameron Diaz’s Hair, Buddy!

Some Great Soul/Disco next though with Shirley Jones sounding very much like the Jones Girls obviously, on “Finally”; & this is followed by another Amazing GEAR CHANGE from the Shuffle Monkey with Bad Company &, “Rock Steady”!

Back to Jazz Funk with Patrice Rushen &, “Message In The Music”; And we stay in this Great Groove with Incognito – Hi Bluey!! & something Pretty recent from them – The Brilliant, “Everything We Are”; Which in turn is followed by a true Masterpiece in Modern Soul with Eddie Billups singing, “Shake That Dream” – I think we’ll tweet that later through @desfume; Which in turn is followed by Prince &, “Cream” – Now, Why Oh Why Wee Monkey here is my Question – “Why Couldn’t that have followed Hotlegs?”

And Finally today, some Classic Smooth Soul from Sylvia with, “Sweet Talk” – Who is not only remembered as well for “Pillow Talk” – but also founded and run the SugarHill Record Label – Rappers Delight et al!! And this is followed on the slide down to Grace by Terri Gonzales &, “Treat Yourself To My Love” – & then Norman Connors plays us out with the Classic, “East 6th Street” – Which also features Aquarian Dream – So Keep The Faith, Coz – I Got A Thing For You And I Can”t Let Go, &, What I’d Do For Love (Bobby Caldwell)… Meanwhile, We’ll Keep It On Shuffle, here at Shuffly Towers 🙂

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The Monkey & me have riffed on this before, I’m sure – There’s a French saying, ‘Nous Ne Vieillirons Pas Ensemble’ – & Today’s first Track is an absolute Corker – It’s called, “Has It Come To This”, but the Artist’s Unknown? The Lyrics though go, ‘We Cry More Than We Smile, We Frown More Than We Laugh, We’ve Even Stopped Referring To Each Other As The Other’s Half – We Talk More Than We Listen, We Take More Than We Give, There’s A Name For What We’re In, But Love Ain’t What It Is!’ – Of Course, You Need The Music, But it’s a Gem – I have a sneaking Feeling, &, the Shuffle Monkey’s nodding (or is he eating a Custard Cream), that it could be Regina Belle singing But if you know, let the Monkey know, &, He’ll tell me – You can Tweet @desfume!

Next up is Boz Scaggs with, “We’re All Alone” – & it’s a rather Good version, so Thank you Shuffle Meister – But I’m detecting a wee bit of a Theme here? Mmmhm, & to follow we have Peaches & Herb with, “We’re In This Together” – Come on wee shuffley thing – Square Up Your Beret, Adjust your Neckerchief, &, Get Down; Maybe not quite Yet though it would seem because Prince bursts through the Clouds with, “Purple Rain” – Which I think is maybe Prince speak for that feeling when you leave someone for someone else…; Clearly the Shuffle Monkey has stuck he’s wee paws in and is having a right Romantic Fug & next up he gives us Olivia Newton John with, “If Not For You” – Written of course, by Bob Dylan; & this is then followed by Beth Nielsen Chapman with, “Even As It All Goes By”!

And it looks as though we’re going to continue in this mellow moody for a Tad longer, as next up is Jimmy Webb with Linda Ronsdadt &, “All I Know” – Which Linda also covered with Arron Neville; & behind this is the Eagles with, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”: Ok. Ok Msr Le Shuffle where are we going Next? Ah Ha, it’s the Pigeons – How apt a follow to the Eagles?? & their version of Wilson Pickett’s, “In The Midnight Hour” – So the Groove Count is on the up; & this is followed by an even Groovier cut from Grey & Hanks with, “Dancin” – Oh Yeah, Shake Your Booty Down! Which brings us to our Final Track today and it couldn’t really get Funkier – Oh Yes, Yes, Yes, it’s Brass Construction &, “Movin” – & the CD this comes off is also signed by the Great Man Kenny Dope who remixed this version – So, Get Down on Your Good Foot, You All – & Keep The Faith, Be Awesome & Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 102 Or ‘Comfortably Numb!’

And No, It’s not the Scissor Sisters re-visioning – It’s the original Pink Floyd, “Comfortably Numb” – in All its’ Splendour & Grandeur; Followed by, as only the Shuffle Monkey can – Manhattan Transfer &, “The Spice of Life” – Get out of Here! And what next – Clarence “Gatemouth” Carter with, “Rock n Roll” – Which yes is a Blues-d up version of the Led Zepplin Classic – ‘It’s been a long, long, lonely, lonely time’ – Marvelous, 12 Bar Genius!!

Some pure Disco Italia next from the Number One Ensemble with, “Flor De Coca” – Oh Yeah! And Prince Vrooms up behind with, “Little Red Corvette”; And the Rev count is rising as we pull up to the Kerb with Esther Williams singing, “The Man Ain’t Ready” (Album Version); which is followed by the Majestic Barb Junger with her re-working of the Classic, “Always On My Mind”!

Serge Gainsburgh is back in Town now and climbs up the mighty Hill to Shuffle Towers with, “Melody”; & this is followed by Neil Diamond who of course wrote songs with another great French singer, Gilbert Beacaud – Most famously, ‘September/L’Septembre’ – but today we have one of the 1970’s classics, “Play Me”! And Linda Ronstadt concludes this segment with a momentous version of, “Stoney End” – from her Stone Poney’s period!

Some Sunday Soul now from Leon Thomas with, “Love Each Other”; And a bit of a Gear Change follows with Paul McCartney & Wings &, “Take It Away” – the Shuffle Meister is clearly extemporising within the bounds of his corpreal reality – but what a reality, &, He shares it! And we are not seeing double next – it’s the Funny Twins with, “You & Me” (Original 12″ Vocal Mix) Pure European Disco Discharge!!

Another Mighty Gear Change follows again from the wee shuffley one & we hit the dirt on our knuckles with The Bosshoss &, “Jelly Bean”; & behind this comes another nifty Gear Change from the mix and we have Frank Sinatra with, “If You Go Away” – The great Jacques Brel classic; And finally today it’s La Grande Dame Un Francais Chanson – although I think she might have been Greek? – Dalida & she’s wafting us away to South America with, “Rio Do Brasil” – Beach, Beach, We’re on The Beach – Well Almost!!

So, Plant those Feet, Be Awesome, Keep The Faith & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 64 or Support ‘Mary’s Meals’!

Go Check Out – The Wee Shuffle Monkey & I attended a Whisky Tasting & Curry Night in Crieff, Scotland

in support of this Inspiring & Inspirational Charity – It was a Great Night with Great People & ‘Mary’s Meals’ has been set-up with a very simple premise – To Provide A Simple Solution To World Hunger – So, Do Support if you can – Needless to say, Msr Le Shuffle & I danced our little socks off & we would like to dedicate the first track today by Barb Jungr &, “I’m A Believer” to the Cause – Go Listen on You Tube! And to follow we have Jacques Dutronc &, “Les Playboy” – A Big Havana Cigar, if you please – which reminds me of one of my favourite photographs of the Great Man & heralds a little anecdote about Serge Gainsburgh, Jane Birkin, Mr Dutronc & Catherine Denueuve – But that’s a Story for another Day as they say!!

Next up is, “Sweet Talk” Alyson Williams – & it’s the Extended Mix, Oh Yes – Why does this remind me of Pete Waterman?? Two very different songs follow with firstly, Scouting For Girls &, “I Wish I was James Bond” – Two Answers to that I suppose, but just let me say – Not if you had that Circular Chain Saw Buzzing between your legs mate, al la Goldfinger… & Secondly, Petula Clarke &, “London is London” – & Any regulars will know that I have a soft spot for any song that has ‘London’ in the Title – Crikey, I worked there for 15 Years!!

Une Francais, Une Femme next with Martha Wainwright (Who is French Canadian by Mother?) singing, “C’est Toujors La Meme Historie” – Which I think was originally done by Edith Piaff? Anyway, this quickly trips into, “This Time Around” by S.O.U.L which is the beginning for me of a Northern Soul Allnighter – But then returns to France with Jacqueline Taieb &, “Ce Soir Se M’em Vous” – Which is Fabby Dozzy, but before we catch our breath it’s Englebert Humperdink – Oh Yes & No Less, singing,”Quando Quando Quando” – There was a great programme on the BBC the other day – Caught it on iPlayer, lots of Great Singers covering Baccarach & David Songs – There was Dionne Warwick, Cilla, Sandie Shaw, Dusty, Cliff Richard, The 5th Dimension & right there amongst them was our Eurovision Song Contest Saviour, the Great ‘Hump’ – Remember to watch & support this Month!

Next is Johnny Cash covering a classic Hank Williams song, “Oh Lonesome Me”; Whilst Van ‘The Man’ Morrison comes a swinging & a dancing with a Majestic, “Kingdom Hall” – Followed by a complete GEAR CHANGE into Michael Wycoff & a very Gospel-y, “Someone Standing By”; Back to Un Francais now & Un Homme – Michael Sardou giving us a very dramatic, “Les Lacs Du Connermara” – & then we have those rather fetching Dixie Chicks – Cheep Cheep – & they are giving us a great Countrified Version of, “Loving Arms” – Which of course was originally done by the Great Millie Jackson!

But finally today, The Cat is out of the bag with Jimmy Scott & a Truly incredible version of the Prince song (most famously covered by Sinead O’Connor), “Nothing Compares To You” – Check Jimmy out on You Tube & Believe – Meanwhile, Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle, with my Wee Friend! 🙂