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Paul you didn't!

Art Gentry kicks us off Today with the Stupendous Slab of Modern Soul, the Masterpiece that is, “This Is My Chance” – & He (for it is a He) sounds not unlike Millie Jackson or Ty Karim on this great Track, which is No Bad Thing & He’s definitely Taking It!; And then we fall straight into a Live piano driven version of, “Do Nothing Until You Hear From Me” by Andy Williams no less & it’s Gooood! Which is followed by one of James Brown’s Funky People – Myra Barnes aka Vicky Anderson, with a righteously storming, “Super Good (Parts 1&2)” – Oh YEAH!; & then we have a taste of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ from Les Reed with, “Girl On A Motorcycle” & The Monkey’s come over all Goddard, Bless!

Some Storming SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER music next with Thelma Huston &, “I’m Here Again”; followed by The Smiths with, “Panic”; which then melds into a Poptastic piece of 1970’s Chart Action from Dollar – Remember David Van… & the Girl who wasn’t in Bucks Fizz – & what are they doing naming themselves after a village in Fife, who knows, who cares – Coz what a Song, “Give Me Back My Heart” – It’s right up there; & following this is a Mighty Double with firstly the Great Elmore James with, “Dust My Blues” – A great influence on Jagger & Richards in the Stones’ early years; & then the Sex Pistols with, “Anarchy” – It’s The Only Way To Be – & surprisingly quite Tuneful after all these years – Perhaps we’ve All Mellowed un Peau!! And what a Combo of tracks from the wee shuffly thing – You couldn’t make that Mash-up Up, in your Wildest Dreams – & we do have some Pretty Wild ones here at Shuffle Towers!!

A bit of House now from Black Magic &, “Let It Go (Ken Lou Mix)”; & then we have Charles Aznavour doing a Two-Step with Frank Sinatra on, “You Make Me Feel So Young”; & then a Fantastic Jazzed-up but slowed-down vocal take on that Giant Tune, “Crazy” from Papik; followed by the inimitable Nina Simone singing the Chip Taylor classic, “Angel Of The Morning” – & we have a version of this in the Mix by Chip himself and an unknown female companion which he recorded for a local BBC station a few years back! The One in Norfolk in fact, with a certain Mr Partridge on the Decks – We kid you not!!

Utopia storm the Barricades now, led of course by Todd Rundgren & with one of the Shuffle Monkey’s & mine Favs – The formidable, “Love Is The Answer” – Which of course is the Original version – Not, the one by England Dan & John…; & then a recherche Moi to the early 1970’s and Marmalade are, “Falling Apart At The Seams” – Brilliant!

And finally Today a Great Sunday Soul track from Mac Davis, “I’m Just In Love”; followed by a rare visit from The Joneses with, “Win Your Love” – And you can now see and hear the 6mins33secs version of “Sugar Pie Guy” on @youtube now – released by Modern Soul Records; & then Professor Green blasts us up with, “I Need You Tonight” – What a Great updating of that Track; & lastly, “Candy Says” from The Velvet Underground – Marvelous Stuff as usual from the Shuffle Meister – So Continue Being Awesome, Keeping The Faith & We’ll Be Keeping It On Shuffle… OH YEAH! OH YEAH! & Follow us on Twitter @desfume 🙂



keepitonshuffle@whateversinmyhead – Blog 124, Or Never Trust A Hippy!

Unless He’s called Harry, of course – as Bobby Womack boots us off Today with, “Harry The Hippy”; But the ‘Never Trust…’ line is taken from a Ronnie Woods Biography & the second track from the Shuffle Monkey is, “Painter Man” by the Creation which was one of Ronnie’s earlier groups in the Swinging Sixties – &, of course Ronnie studied Art at Ealing College and is no mean Painter Man himself – Nice one Monkey! But Blow our Cotton Socks and Bib off, we have Marie Mayrim next with, “P’Tit Homme” & it’s a Corker!
And then double blow our socks off, coz now we have Linda Ronstadt singing, “Tumbling Dice” – which of course was from the Majestic and Swaggering Stones period -in all their Pomp & Glory – before Ronnie Woods joined in 1975 – but He was always going to Join ’em, wasn’t He – Some things are inevitable – Immutable Laws of the Universe! And this is followed by Leon Russel & Elton John with, “Dream Come True”; Followed by, “Sara” – Originally a Bob Dylan song, but done here by ~Barb Jungr; & then the Shuffle Meister beats us over the Head with, “Fxxk You (Le Castle Vania Remix)” by Cee Lo Green!

A Beautiful slowie now from The Commodores in all their Motown Glory and with Lionel Ritchie on the vocals of, “Sweet Love” – & they had a run of Fantastic smoochies between 1976 – 78 – We danced to ever one – & sometimes a dance turned into a romance…; & then we have The Beatles from ‘Abbey Road’ singing, “Oh Darling” – It’s definitely a Broad Church with Monkey Madness; & Who is knocking at the Door, with a Yelp – it’s Michael Jackson with, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” – And, quite Frankly, we Get It!!

Boom Bang A Gong & T.Rex eviscerate us with the brilliant, “Jeepster” – & you don’t get too many of those to the Pound! Nor, the next High Calibre player in our Game of life, Love and Ralph Waldo Emmerson – as Un Francais and Ex-Playboy cum Actor/Singer – Jacques Dutonc serenades us with, “Les Playboys” – And We Have a Big Poster of Msr Jacques with a Big Cigar here at Monkey Towers! & then we have the Mark Ronson/Amy Whitehouse version of, “Valerie”; Which is followed by a Song that only The Monkey could pull out in the Mix to follow, “Don’t Cry Out Loud” – the Elkie Brooks version – & Listen to those Words & think of Amy – Life’s Bitter Irony?

And Finally Today we Firstly have Minnie Ripperton – another wonderful Singer who also died Tragically young, although in her case from a Brain Tumour – & Here she’s singing with Jose Feliciano on a great Blue Note version of, “Light My Fire”; Followed by some Great Piano led Jazz from Ramsey Lewis with, “So Much More”; & then we end with a Storming Millie Jackson & a, “Moment’s Pleasure” – Oh Yeah, Right Now The Rap’s supposed to come in, but… We are Speechless, so – Be Authentic, Be Awesome, Don’t buy anything off any Shopping Channel – Keep The Faith, Smoke, Drink, Lighten Up – & Keeeeeep It On Shuffle, Coz Mamma We’re All Crazy Here 🙂 – Blog 58 or Talking Loud & Saying Nothing!

What Fantastic Product has come off the Verve Label over the Years & the Link here with the first track today is, If not directly, The Godfather of Soul – The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz – James Brown and one of his Stable Ladies – Lynn Collins giving it excellent Booty with, “Give It Up Or Turn It Loose” – A Fab Fab Start & Thunderbirds are Go!; And this is Quickly followed by Frank with their Majestic Disco Classic, “Keep On Getting Down” – Which is definitely what we are all About when we’re Keeping It On The Good Foot, Oh Yeah!; Very Early Rolling Stones next with a Raw Mono Recording of, “Time Is On My Side” – & if you haven’t read Keith Richards Autobiography yet – Do!!

Disco with a Capital DISCO follows and it’s a track from one of it’s greatest Exponents – Dan Hartman he popped up around 1978 – Made a couple of righteous Disco Classics – Well certainly four I can name, Bob – including ‘Light My Fire’ which was covered a few years later by Take That & Lulu – & this Brace of Tracks (Coz that’s how they went down on the 12″Mix) were out before ‘LMF’ – “Count Down/This Is It” – What a Pairing and it’s got me Dancing – Both Tracks are Pure Disco Gold, but needless to say the way they are spliced together is a little Corney – But Hey, I can forgive the producers that, &, for Sheer Joi De Vivre, ‘This Is It’ will have you bouncing around the Kitchen Table!!; Next up is a great piece of Country Boogie with Hayes Caryll singing, “She Left Me For Jesus” – A Really Brilliant, Sassy Lyric – Highly Quotable and you won’t be help yourself singing along – ‘She Said He Was Perfect & How Could I Compare’ & ‘The Last Time We Made Love She Even Yelled Out His Name– Oh Yeah!

Some Class now with the Great Cannonball Adderley ripping it up with, “Up & At It” from ‘Walk Tall’- Which is also a fantastic Mark Soskin track which I am still on the look-out for in CD format!; Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant follows with Richard Dimples Fields & the truly Classic Smooch, “She’s Got Papers On Me” – It’s right up there with, ‘Shine On’ – ‘If You’re Not Back In Love By Monday’ – &, ‘Just To Be Close To You’ – I could go on, but I won’t – Just let’s say, not enough Smoochy stuff in the World today!

Oh Yes, The Beat Counts way up and we’re back into DEEP DISCO & BOOGIE with TC James &, “Bumpsie’s Whipping Cream (Salvarese Mix)” – It’s Thumping, Jumping & Dig The Sax Break at 4 Mins in – But Frankly it doesn’t leave much to the imagination – Go Listen!; And Finally today another change of Pace & it’s from a Group who could really Mix it up with Heavy Funk – Mandrill – but this is from their slower-side and showcases just how soulful, jazzy and thoughtful they could be with, “Closer To You” – So Keep The Faith whilst Keeping It On The Good Foot & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle! 🙂 – Blog 37 or In Praise of An Old Breton Maritine Saying!

“Fluctuat Nec Mergitur” – “Buffeted But Not About To Sink”: This is an old Breton Maitine expression & I’ve already fessed up to the Marais District being one of my favourite quarters of Paris – with all it’s Breton shops, Charcuterie Knives and Calvados to Go! – So, here I am Today with a full glass of Calvados in hand eagerly awaiting what Mr Shuffle has to float our Boat… And, Of Course, H’is off with great Brio, Gusto and much Style, & Linda Ronstadt singing “Stoney End”, which is probably one of her first solo outings along with ‘Different Drum’ away from her Stone Poney’s Band? The Song was written by Laura Nyro and has also been covered by Barbara Streisand amongst others –  This is a Corker of an Early 1970’s song and Linda sings it like she may be Buffeted by Life, but in no way is she about to sink with her Raging Soul & All; Next up we have Kiss no less, with the great “Sure Know Something”!!; Primal Scream follow with that great Sunday Morning coming-down song, “Everybody Needs Somebody” – Sounding musically very much like the Rolling Stones circa their ‘Sweet Virginia’/’Tumbling Dice’ period; Next another welcome visit from Leroy Hutson with the excellent sweet and soulful, “Closer To The Source”; Some pure Gallic Class now follows with Sandrine Kiberlain singing, “Je L’offre” – Sandrine is also a renound French Actress who has most recently been seen (at least in the UK) in ‘Mademoiselle Chambon’ – A Slow Burner, but rather Good – Excuse me while I take another sip of Calvados, mmhm, now where was I?; Following on from this is the Fabby Barb Jungr & her marvellous interpretation of a Bob Dylan classic – “Like A Rolling Stone”; DISCO ALERT – La Voyage & a Drum Machine heavy, but no less great Shout Along, “I Found You” – Big Beats a plenty, Oh Yeah!; Lulu next beating it out big time too with a fantastic Jazzed-Up version of The Beatles “Day Tripper” – So 1960’s, So Great!; & Finally Today its’ Vicki Lawrence again with, “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” – And Boy it was so Dark I stubbed my Toes, Oooch!! Till Next Time Keep The Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 33 or In Praise of Alexander Pope (1688 – 1744)

Time for some Pope – “True wit is nature dressed,/What oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed” – Now Mr Pope also coined many other phrases which have found their way into everyday usage, including “Fools Rush in where Angels fear to tread” – Also, but not only a Song Lyric – “To Err is human, to forgive Divine” – & of course, rather famously and pertinent to the first track of today – “Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel” – For the Rolling Stones kick us off with, “Sympathy for the Devil” – Which builds up very nicely and at the time was moving the Stones into new and darker territory – It is also contemporaneous with the famous article by William Rees- Mogg (entitled, “Who Breaks a Butterfly Oon the Wheel”) inspired by the perceived heavy-handedness of the Police in hounding both Jagger & Richards on various drugs charges – Oooh those naughty Satanic Majesties! Next we have a stormer from Barbara Mason & it’s certainly rather different, but also absolutely fantastic coming off her great Album ‘Bed & Board’ & it’s called, “Who’d Ever Think” – A wonderful Song; And following this another great tune from the Man who’s never far away in the Mix, it’s Jacques Brel with, “Il Pleut Pleuvoir” (With Glen Powell) – Rousing Stuff!! A very interesting track next from the great Jazz/Blues Guitarist Dennis Coffey doing a fabby version of the Classic, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – Dennis is clearly getting down here with the Brothers and making atonement for his previous, ‘Sweet Taste Of Sin’ – Another Bad Lad??; Big GEAR CHANGE follows from Sinatra at The Sands singing a majestic, “Shadow of your Smile” – Oh to be in that audience – It’s a great Live Record – Git it!!; Next a true Blast from the Past from the Shuffle Monkey and once again he’s brought us back to the 1960’s with a Great Busker’s Song, “Rosie” given an inordinate amount of Wellie by Don Patridge; Another GEAR CHANGE follows with Pulp propelling us back-up to the Mid-1990’s with, “Mile End” – Sorted!; And now a great version of a great song with Nina Simone giving us her take on, “Angel of the Morning” – Love It!; Vic Damone – Oh Yes, follows with a Live version of, “They Call The Wind Maria” from ‘Paint Your Wagon’ & he’s certainly giving Old Clint Eastwood a run for his money – I do Like Vic!! We’re right back in the Groove now with a track from the excellent Production Stable of Mtume & Lucas with Mark Sadane giving great vocals; & FInally today we have Led Zepplin really whipping it up on the ole Hurdy Gurdy with, “Gallows Pole”! Keep the Faith & I’ll Keep It On Shuffle! 🙂