“The Dutch Have A Word For It Shuffle Monkey!”

“Pronkstillevens”, they say around Old Amsterdam, as Old Bertolt & Bowie & Brel have been want to Sing, &, it means in Painting Terms, “Sumptious Still Lifes” – But The Shuffle Monkey is All Jackson Pollock if anything & in His little Abstract Heart there’s nothing remotely Still Life about what this Simian throws down & Today is no exception as he starts us off with The Originals, & “Californian Sunset” – rather moody, Pacific West Coast Soul. Followed by Dazz &, “Brick”; & then Father’s Children &, “Hollywood” and Chain Reaction with, “Hogtied” – Chain reaction of course were Bruce Ruffin (‘I’m Mad About You’) Dave Collins – Brother of Ansel (‘Double Barrel’ – no less) – & the other one who I should remember, but I can’t and The Shuffle Monkey’s no hope with His Banana addled Brain!!

Next it’s Bowie with, “Everyone Says Hi” – a more contemporary track, but excellent; Interesting – Danny Wilson next with, “Mary’s Prayer” – Lighters’ Aloft!; & back to some Soul now with ZZ Hill, who has one of those Voices & this is just one of those Deep Soul Songs, “Make Me Yours” – 4-to-the-floor; Speeding up a little, but still on the Soul Side comes Arthur King, with “Fear”; And now a real Corker, The Supremes with“Bad Weather” – We have several versions of this great track in the Shuffle Monkey’s Mix-Bag, but check the groove on this cut and Blow Your Whistle!

GEAR CHANGE – Some Reggae with Bunny Wailer &, “The Oppressed Song”; GEAR CHANGE, Again – Rose Royce &, “Get Up Off Your Face” – A Tad Darker & Heavier than Car Wash; Followed by “Tite Rope” Harold Alexander blowing His Funky Horn; then another GEAR CHANGE & a bit of ‘Blue Grass’ Beatles, or rather, I should say Handsome Hank swinging “Back In The USSR” – Hey, Hey, Hey! Airplane Landing!!

Duke Pearson follows that and whilst I catch my breath I must ask – How did we get here? But it’s fabby – Cool, Piano Driven Samba, with a great vocal, “Sandalia Dela”; & finally today The Man, Mark Murphy with, “Love Is What Stays” – Some of Mark’s stuff has been more recently remixed by Nicola Conte and works really well – This cut though is a straight ahead take! I had the pleasure of seeing Mark Murphy play in Edinburgh a while back – Another Story, like The Gil Scot Heron “Birmingham’ Adventure, which will feature in a Future Blog – Anyway, Catch Mark, if you can, while you still can!! And Keep The Faith, Be Awesome & We’ll Keep It On Shuffle… Oh Yeah! 🙂


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The Shuffle Monkey propels us into Orbit today with Papik from their ‘Rhythm Of Life’ Set, &, the song’s called, “Staying For Good” – & It certainly sounds as though Mario Biondi is doing the vocal honours on this as well! And this is then followed by the Monster-Mash template (as it became) for Rap, &, the launch of the Sugar Hill Gang with, “Rappers Delight” – But the original Song was, of course, what we are now hearing – “Good Times” – by Chic!!

Meanwhile Msr Le Shuffle parks us in a Layby of Quality Soul with the next Three Tracks – Starting with Change &, “Everything & More” – & then Peabo Bryson with, “Through The Fire” – & Thirdly, The Dynamics with, “We Found Love” – & then we are propelled even further into the Stratosphere with some Jazz Funk from Sea Level &, “Fifty Four”!

GEAR CHANGE next with the slightly irritatingly voiced Joanna Newsome &, “This Side Of Blue”; & then we slide back into some Glorious Soul Seduction with Brook Benton &, “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” – Classic & Class! Another GEAR CHANGE follows, but of course, and the Monkey pulls another ‘Oh Crikey I Never Expected That’ Track from his Mix-y ‘Bag of Tricks’ with those little Paws, for it’s Ian Gillan no less with, “Gut Reaction”!

Rose Royce next up and they’re out of Car Wash duties and heading for the Stars with the rather lovely, “Angel In The Sky”; & then we have another Corker-Roo with Tom T Hall &, “I Love” – Go On Sing Along – Take the Shuffle Monkey Challenge – It’s Madness, but you can make up your own words to this about the things you Love, &, then You Got the Chorus/refrain – ‘& I Love YOU!’  – Oh Yeah! And to end this segment we move into some Class Jazz with Cedar Walton and that marvelous Standard, “For All We Know” – Only Msr le Shuffle can pull that off& make it seem SO Right!

And Finally Today Celine Dion with, “En Amour”; followed by Chaka Khan with, “I Know You, I Live You”; then – Oh Monkey Jacques Brel with, “Voici”; Yvonne Fair with, “It Should Have Been Me” – & in the Shuffle Meister & my Opinion she had one of the best named Albums in the 1970’s – ‘The Bitch Is Black’! & Finally we Glide out with a Double delight – Ty Karim &, “Take It Easy Baby” – & the Mighty Ashford & Simpson with, “The Debt Is Settled”! Awesome – So, Keep The faith & We’ll Be keeping It On Shuffle, Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! 🙂