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Paul you didn't!

Art Gentry kicks us off Today with the Stupendous Slab of Modern Soul, the Masterpiece that is, “This Is My Chance” – & He (for it is a He) sounds not unlike Millie Jackson or Ty Karim on this great Track, which is No Bad Thing & He’s definitely Taking It!; And then we fall straight into a Live piano driven version of, “Do Nothing Until You Hear From Me” by Andy Williams no less & it’s Gooood! Which is followed by one of James Brown’s Funky People – Myra Barnes aka Vicky Anderson, with a righteously storming, “Super Good (Parts 1&2)” – Oh YEAH!; & then we have a taste of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ from Les Reed with, “Girl On A Motorcycle” & The Monkey’s come over all Goddard, Bless!

Some Storming SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER music next with Thelma Huston &, “I’m Here Again”; followed by The Smiths with, “Panic”; which then melds into a Poptastic piece of 1970’s Chart Action from Dollar – Remember David Van… & the Girl who wasn’t in Bucks Fizz – & what are they doing naming themselves after a village in Fife, who knows, who cares – Coz what a Song, “Give Me Back My Heart” – It’s right up there; & following this is a Mighty Double with firstly the Great Elmore James with, “Dust My Blues” – A great influence on Jagger & Richards in the Stones’ early years; & then the Sex Pistols with, “Anarchy” – It’s The Only Way To Be – & surprisingly quite Tuneful after all these years – Perhaps we’ve All Mellowed un Peau!! And what a Combo of tracks from the wee shuffly thing – You couldn’t make that Mash-up Up, in your Wildest Dreams – & we do have some Pretty Wild ones here at Shuffle Towers!!

A bit of House now from Black Magic &, “Let It Go (Ken Lou Mix)”; & then we have Charles Aznavour doing a Two-Step with Frank Sinatra on, “You Make Me Feel So Young”; & then a Fantastic Jazzed-up but slowed-down vocal take on that Giant Tune, “Crazy” from Papik; followed by the inimitable Nina Simone singing the Chip Taylor classic, “Angel Of The Morning” – & we have a version of this in the Mix by Chip himself and an unknown female companion which he recorded for a local BBC station a few years back! The One in Norfolk in fact, with a certain Mr Partridge on the Decks – We kid you not!!

Utopia storm the Barricades now, led of course by Todd Rundgren & with one of the Shuffle Monkey’s & mine Favs – The formidable, “Love Is The Answer” – Which of course is the Original version – Not, the one by England Dan & John…; & then a recherche Moi to the early 1970’s and Marmalade are, “Falling Apart At The Seams” – Brilliant!

And finally Today a Great Sunday Soul track from Mac Davis, “I’m Just In Love”; followed by a rare visit from The Joneses with, “Win Your Love” – And you can now see and hear the 6mins33secs version of “Sugar Pie Guy” on @youtube now – released by Modern Soul Records; & then Professor Green blasts us up with, “I Need You Tonight” – What a Great updating of that Track; & lastly, “Candy Says” from The Velvet Underground – Marvelous Stuff as usual from the Shuffle Meister – So Continue Being Awesome, Keeping The Faith & We’ll Be Keeping It On Shuffle… OH YEAH! OH YEAH! & Follow us on Twitter @desfume 🙂


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Nor, A One Monkey Band either, I hasten to add – Coz it’s definitely Me & the Shuffle Monkey cruising on a Sea of Love, Funk, Soul & many other Righteous forms of Music in the Good Ship – keepitonshuffle @desfume – But Leo Sayer blasts the Claxon Horn first Today with what I’m pretty sure was his first commercial success in the early 1970’s, “One Man Band” – & there he was dressed as a Clown & Jumping out of Dustbins, as you would if dressed as a Clown – Or did he actually live in a Dustbin for a while, I canee mind? He now lives in Australia though I believe, but Tours Europe regularly, &, He also wrote “Thunder In My Heart” that got a massive turbo-charged Disco remix at the back-end of the 80’s, &, of course he also wrote the Classic, “Giving It All Away” – which was a solo Hit for Roger Daltry!

And we keep in the 1970’s as the next three tracks confirm our credentials here at Monkey Towers of being the Broad Church of Keeping The Faith for All Good Music – Firstly, it’s Jo Jo Gunne with, “Run Run Run”, which I’d forgotten Slows Down at the End, but is still a Blistering Track – Secondly, it’s another visit from Creedence Clearwater Revival with, “Looking Out My Backdoor”! – & then we have the Epic, Gear Changing Soundscape of, “Station To Station” from a certain David Bowie – It’s too late to be grateful, it’s too late to be later than, it’s too late to be hateful… It’s too late…!!

Oh my, we remain in the 1970’s – Timelocked, like in a version of the Time Tunnel – but we’re moved across Genre’s & we’re into Punk and on the path laid down by Bowie’s chum Iggy Pop with the blistering Power Chords of the Sex Pistols giving us, “Pretty Vacant” – & Boy that’s Still got some Awesome Muscle!! And we remember being in Richmond (London) in 1976 when Bill Grundy had a 6 o’clock spat with Johnny Rotten & Glen Matlock & assorted Punkette chums on the Thames News! GEAR CHANGE now and we’re into Blue Note territory & Tripping with Kenny Burrell &, “Midnight Blue”; which followed by another slab of Happening Jazz, although bringing us firmly up to date with The Natives &, “Dragon Jump”! Cool-As-Coolade!!

The great Freda Payne next with not, ‘Band Of Gold’ – but another brilliant song called, “Tell Me Please” – written by Skip Scarborough no less; & this is followed in turn by a terrific modern mash-up from Josh Milan & Honey Sweet with, “Wake Up”; And Finally Today let’s Fire Up The Funk & Light up a Tote – It’s Rick James & He’s, “Busting Out (On Funk)” – Bloody Righteous – So Plant Those feet, Be Awesome, Keep The Faith & Me & The Monkey will Keep It On Shuffle – Promise!! 🙂