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Paul you didn't!

Art Gentry kicks us off Today with the Stupendous Slab of Modern Soul, the Masterpiece that is, “This Is My Chance” – & He (for it is a He) sounds not unlike Millie Jackson or Ty Karim on this great Track, which is No Bad Thing & He’s definitely Taking It!; And then we fall straight into a Live piano driven version of, “Do Nothing Until You Hear From Me” by Andy Williams no less & it’s Gooood! Which is followed by one of James Brown’s Funky People – Myra Barnes aka Vicky Anderson, with a righteously storming, “Super Good (Parts 1&2)” – Oh YEAH!; & then we have a taste of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ from Les Reed with, “Girl On A Motorcycle” & The Monkey’s come over all Goddard, Bless!

Some Storming SATURDAY NIGHT FOREVER music next with Thelma Huston &, “I’m Here Again”; followed by The Smiths with, “Panic”; which then melds into a Poptastic piece of 1970’s Chart Action from Dollar – Remember David Van… & the Girl who wasn’t in Bucks Fizz – & what are they doing naming themselves after a village in Fife, who knows, who cares – Coz what a Song, “Give Me Back My Heart” – It’s right up there; & following this is a Mighty Double with firstly the Great Elmore James with, “Dust My Blues” – A great influence on Jagger & Richards in the Stones’ early years; & then the Sex Pistols with, “Anarchy” – It’s The Only Way To Be – & surprisingly quite Tuneful after all these years – Perhaps we’ve All Mellowed un Peau!! And what a Combo of tracks from the wee shuffly thing – You couldn’t make that Mash-up Up, in your Wildest Dreams – & we do have some Pretty Wild ones here at Shuffle Towers!!

A bit of House now from Black Magic &, “Let It Go (Ken Lou Mix)”; & then we have Charles Aznavour doing a Two-Step with Frank Sinatra on, “You Make Me Feel So Young”; & then a Fantastic Jazzed-up but slowed-down vocal take on that Giant Tune, “Crazy” from Papik; followed by the inimitable Nina Simone singing the Chip Taylor classic, “Angel Of The Morning” – & we have a version of this in the Mix by Chip himself and an unknown female companion which he recorded for a local BBC station a few years back! The One in Norfolk in fact, with a certain Mr Partridge on the Decks – We kid you not!!

Utopia storm the Barricades now, led of course by Todd Rundgren & with one of the Shuffle Monkey’s & mine Favs – The formidable, “Love Is The Answer” – Which of course is the Original version – Not, the one by England Dan & John…; & then a recherche Moi to the early 1970’s and Marmalade are, “Falling Apart At The Seams” – Brilliant!

And finally Today a Great Sunday Soul track from Mac Davis, “I’m Just In Love”; followed by a rare visit from The Joneses with, “Win Your Love” – And you can now see and hear the 6mins33secs version of “Sugar Pie Guy” on @youtube now – released by Modern Soul Records; & then Professor Green blasts us up with, “I Need You Tonight” – What a Great updating of that Track; & lastly, “Candy Says” from The Velvet Underground – Marvelous Stuff as usual from the Shuffle Meister – So Continue Being Awesome, Keeping The Faith & We’ll Be Keeping It On Shuffle… OH YEAH! OH YEAH! & Follow us on Twitter @desfume 🙂


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We start today with a Sweet Taste Of Sin from Our Cat in the Hat Mr Johny Guitar Watson singing, “If I had The Power” – Oh Yeah! Then, it’s Betty Moorer who follows with, “It’s My Thing” – & she can get a Tad territorial, so Stand well back!! And in the Spirit of True Appreciative Inquiry we then have one of our Favourite Italians here at Shuffle Towers as Zucchero bounds in to serenade us with, “Blue”!

As we Pitch our Tent and reach Cruising Speed, Richard Harris no less strides on Stage with a Fabby rendition of Jimmy Webb’s epic Hymn D’LAnmour, “Didn’t We” – Majestic, Mighty – those words & what a Question…’And If Love Is A Poem Does It Have To Rhyme, We Almost Made The Pieces Fit This Time’ – Oh Yeah! The Monkey’s Puzzled but our next Guest today is not as Ty Karim follows through with, “All In Vain” – She didn’t look at the Picture on the Box then? And onwards as we Pinball into the Singing Sixties with Don Partridge busking merrily away on, “Rosie”; then Ably accompanied by the Mighty Kinks once again with, “Better Days”!

Some storming Jazz Funk next from Push with, “Walk In The Park” – & they’re certainly a Band on a Mission! And this is followed by the Late Great Webster Lewis & another Jazz Funkateer with the Fantastic, “Give Me Some Emotion”; & then we Hit the Wall at Speed with NWA &, “Express Yourself”!

GEAR CHANGE into Sergio Mendes next as He lights up a Cigar and Blows smoke in our face with, “The Look Of Love” – Smooth As; & then we have John Prine – & look, only one Track removed from NWA, with, “Hello In There” – You couldn’t make that up! And then a short interlude follows from The Beatles with, “Honey Pie”!

“I Ain’t Superstitious” Powers though the Mix now from Jeff Beck with a Young Rod The Mod Stewart giving it He’s all on Vocals; & then we slip into the Smooth Philly Groove of Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes with Teddy Pendergrass on lead vocals on the classic, “Satisfaction Guaranteed (Or Take Your Love Back)” – & that’s no Bargain Basement offer! And to Follow that Loverman Sales Pitch we round off today with firstly Sara Petrie &, “Baby Let Me”; & then some sophisticated DISCO HOUSE with, “Why Do I Love You (DJ Red Greg Edit)” from Andy Crown – & that is what The Shuffle is All About – Keeping On Keeping It… Be Awesome, Keep The Faith & The Monkey & Me will Keep It On Shuffle 🙂 – Blog 123 Or Quite Big In Chesire, Me Old Cheese!

The Shuffle Monkey propels us into Orbit today with Papik from their ‘Rhythm Of Life’ Set, &, the song’s called, “Staying For Good” – & It certainly sounds as though Mario Biondi is doing the vocal honours on this as well! And this is then followed by the Monster-Mash template (as it became) for Rap, &, the launch of the Sugar Hill Gang with, “Rappers Delight” – But the original Song was, of course, what we are now hearing – “Good Times” – by Chic!!

Meanwhile Msr Le Shuffle parks us in a Layby of Quality Soul with the next Three Tracks – Starting with Change &, “Everything & More” – & then Peabo Bryson with, “Through The Fire” – & Thirdly, The Dynamics with, “We Found Love” – & then we are propelled even further into the Stratosphere with some Jazz Funk from Sea Level &, “Fifty Four”!

GEAR CHANGE next with the slightly irritatingly voiced Joanna Newsome &, “This Side Of Blue”; & then we slide back into some Glorious Soul Seduction with Brook Benton &, “It’s Just A Matter Of Time” – Classic & Class! Another GEAR CHANGE follows, but of course, and the Monkey pulls another ‘Oh Crikey I Never Expected That’ Track from his Mix-y ‘Bag of Tricks’ with those little Paws, for it’s Ian Gillan no less with, “Gut Reaction”!

Rose Royce next up and they’re out of Car Wash duties and heading for the Stars with the rather lovely, “Angel In The Sky”; & then we have another Corker-Roo with Tom T Hall &, “I Love” – Go On Sing Along – Take the Shuffle Monkey Challenge – It’s Madness, but you can make up your own words to this about the things you Love, &, then You Got the Chorus/refrain – ‘& I Love YOU!’  – Oh Yeah! And to end this segment we move into some Class Jazz with Cedar Walton and that marvelous Standard, “For All We Know” – Only Msr le Shuffle can pull that off& make it seem SO Right!

And Finally Today Celine Dion with, “En Amour”; followed by Chaka Khan with, “I Know You, I Live You”; then – Oh Monkey Jacques Brel with, “Voici”; Yvonne Fair with, “It Should Have Been Me” – & in the Shuffle Meister & my Opinion she had one of the best named Albums in the 1970’s – ‘The Bitch Is Black’! & Finally we Glide out with a Double delight – Ty Karim &, “Take It Easy Baby” – & the Mighty Ashford & Simpson with, “The Debt Is Settled”! Awesome – So, Keep The faith & We’ll Be keeping It On Shuffle, Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!! 🙂 – Blog 66 or I Am A Fiat, No I’m A PANDA With An Extra Gear!

Firstly, apologies for the typos in the previous Blog – It was that iPad again – Balanced on my Knee, whilst traveling at Speed (As a Passenger) on my way to something, or other – I must stop getting so excited though when Msr Le Shuffle comes to Play!!

Firstly today another Big Shout Out for All new Followers who have recently joined the proverbial Bus To Wolverhampton, &, I can’t wait to see what Mr Shuffle has in mind for us… Irma Thomas kicks off with some rousing Boogie & Brass that is, “Cheater Man”; Whilst Next – Well Fliptastic, it’s Billy Hawks with, “Oh Baby, I Believe I’m Loosing You” – & this is right out of the same Stable as Irma, though with a great Hammond Organ propelling things along nicely, rather than a Chugging Brass Section – Oh Yeah!

The Next Three Tracks are Classics and All little Beauties – Starting with Odyssey (But not the same Group that gave us, ‘Native New Yorker’ & ‘Ever Loving Sam’) – Oh No, This Odyssey were signed in the early 1970’s to Motown’s ‘Mowest’ subsidiary, which took the Sound of Detroit (Motor City) out to the West Coast of the USA and then allowed the Eclectic West Coast Grooves to wash all over Berry Gordy’s product – A sort of Mamas & Papas melding together with the Supremes & Four Tops Sound, &, Boy does it Work – The Tag Line for the Mowest Label was, “Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love” & enjoined to the Berry Gordy philosophy of “Create – Make – Sell”, a New Soul Fusion sound was Born – Frankie Valli, Syreeta, Thelma Huston & The Commodores all recorded tracks on Mowest & I’m pretty sure that all their Product is available to the Shuffle Monkey – So much to look forward to in the Future then, But Here & Now the track we are hearing is called, “Broken Road”: The Second great track is the 12″ Version of, “Snapshot” by Delores Hall & I defy you not to Dance to this one; & Third up is Ted Taylor with, “Ghetto Disco” Msr Le Shuffle has got himself into a bit of a Boogie & Soul Groove, Bless His Little Cotton Socks!!

A major, but excellent and inspired GEAR CHANGE next with Judy Garland singing, “Smile” – which is the Live Version from The London Palladium, circa 1963! And next back into Soul with two Uber Soul Ladies & both are in Fantastic Voice – first, Esther Phillips gives us, “SOS” & secondly, Ty Karim blows us all away with, “Lightin Up” – Incomparable!

Funky Funky follows with the Bar Kays &, “Let’s Have Some Fun (12″ Version)” and when this was first recorded and released they would have been setting down the Gauntlet (Great Clint Eastwood Film) & the Template for the likes of the Ohio Players & early Kool & The Gang with this Stormer! Masters At Work (MAW) quickly jump in next with a Re-Tool of, “To Be In Love” – & it’s the ’99 Remix, although I still think it has India on Vocals!

And finally today we fall into the Soft-Pillow Arms of the Golden Age of Northern Soul & The Carstairs serenade us with, “He Who Picks A Rose” – Righteous & Keep The Faith Coz I’m Keeping It On Shuffle – Right Monkey!! 🙂